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Welcome to my Life Coaching Services page. From here you can learn about my life coaching approach, and contact me to schedule life coaching sessions.

I see my life story as something I have inherited from the world, my family and society and something that I have been awakening within to my true self. The search for truth and learning to create happiness in this world for myself and others have been a very big aspect of my life. For the last decade, I have been working deeper on this, starting from personal development related material, visiting many areas such as psychology, philosophy, religion, spirituality, history, media.

This desire in me to fulfill more and more of our true potential has been the driving factor behind this. Peace, happiness, and walking with a genuine trust in this world are priceless gifts that I have been discovering more and more, through sincere effort, but also quite a lot of messing around and bumping into blocks and challenges destined to be overcome with the right intention and effort.

I had the chance to examine the works of and work with excellent people, such as Morty Lefkoe, Lincoln Gergar, and benefited from the works of countless others including Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Steve Pavlina, Eckart Tolle, Osho, Krishnamurti, Yogananda, Ramana Maharshi, Adyashanti, Akahi&Camila.

I have been supporting the personal/spiritual development of a number of people at irregular times throughout my life, and as I grow more mature, I have been feeling I can help more people personally and this definitely feels like one of the developing aspects of my life.

I have been sharing writings to support others in their personal and spiritual development for several years, and they are accessible here within this website. These writings cover my own journey of personal growth and contain an evolving wisdom that others can benefit for their own growth.

My coaching approach has been evolving over time. Currently, my goals for a coaching client would be to support them to advance to their next step, help them create breakthroughs through awareness and self discovery. The ‘next step’ will wildly vary over from person to person but a dynamic coaching approach that is based on a relatively developed understanding of deeper truths about Love, Wisdom and Power, can facilitate the necessary support. Countless systems are available in this world, and more are the numbers of people in their uniqueness; so for me, doing what works at the moment and cultivating and employing an innate sense for this is the most important. To be able to do this, certain principles behind creation must be understood, and when they are sufficiently understood, one becomes also established to an adequate degree in this required innate sense to successfully coach.

Having said this, learning never stops for me and I have also my ‘next steps’. Life is infinitely deep and expansive. I will be honored to support you in your journey and it will be a joy for me to see you discovering more of your innate power to create your life.

At this time, I provide written coaching and sessions over Skype as my coaching service. As of now, my coaching service is free with no strings attached. I do  appreciate donations, but they are not required (See note below on donations). I maintain the right to choose when I am available for this kind of service, but it is my wish to support as many people as I can, for as long as I can. I do have my own down times as well, my own deeper challenges in life where I work more on myself. But I feel support is support, perfectionism is not the goal or the approach here, what is most important is to move forward into deeper self discovery, more happiness, peace.. or whatever you truly desire to create as your ‘next step’.

Typically, in written coaching, I will read your inquiry, ask you questions if necessary and answer your questions and/or provide guidance and directions to informational material to educate yourself as necessary. In Skype sessions which can be around 30 mins. to 2 hours, and which are more effective in my opinion to establish communication in multiple levels, I will do the same. I also have provided audio recordings for the Skype sessions to people I coached so that they can revisit the experience to gain more understanding in the future.

Note on donations: Currently, I haven’t setup the donation system in this site until I learn about the legal requirements and decide to start receiving donations. For now, you can consider the session you have booked and will receive 100 percent free. This may change in the future (for future sessions) and I will update this page if it changes. You can check at a future date if you wish to donate. 

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