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The purpose of this site is to share Love and be of service to our spiritual awakening. I have been publishing content and providing services here for this purpose. I sincerely hope you benefit and be supported to fulfill your heart’s desires. Enjoy.


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How To Be More Fulfilled With Less Struggle

There are two ways to feel fulfilled that I know of. The first of these approaches is to feel fulfilled by working to fulfill the conditions that we believe will fulfill us. We do actions that we think that would give us happiness. Such as achieving goals,...

How to Solve ALL Your Problems -2

In the first article of this series, which I didn't know was to be a series :), I made an energetic entry to the topic, but did not elaborate intellectually on it for those who desire to understand what I am talking about more at an intellectual level. Some...

Blog Posts

Seeing the Pandemic as Part of the Natural Flow of Life

The pandemic and quarantine.. almost all of us want to do something and fix the situation. What can be more natural than this? Let's do what we can in the natural flow of life.. what needs to be done will differ according to the location of the person. For some it...

Upcoming DIVI BUILDER 4.0

Divi Builder is an excellent WordPress theme and website builder that I have been using to create mainly this website for some years now. I had purchased a lifetime membership about after 1 year usage so that I wouldn't have to worry about the design architecture...

Self Loving Approach to Working

I just sent this to a friend after contemplating on why I was reluctant to apply on freelance jobs and about my work life.. how I wanted to work in this world. We both thought it was worth sharing: “I find that when i say i love you to myself it helps with my attitude...

Every Experience is an Opportunity to Find Yourself

I was chatting with a neighbor in his house on religion and spirituality. He was asking me about the purpose of religions. He is kind of an agnostic, and is skeptical of the purpose of religions. My answer was, in most cases they were systems put in place by their...

Riker Lets Go of Something

I thought it would be good to share a some insights I expressed while chatting with a friend. The excerpt contains some insights about peace, happiness and the desire for money, approval and fame, Me:  Riker lets go of something; ...

More on What This Site is About

We are life. Life is 'experiencing'. When I look at it, I can sense that possibilities of experience are ranging to infinity, going beyond my human imagination. Centered on my body, I become aware of the possibilities for me in this life. This is like an unopened...

Contemplation About a New Mode of Living

Here is what I shared with a friend today, I am also sharing this raw and unedited here: [2:43:39 AM] Erdal Bora: i am at a dilemma.. just wanted to share .. [2:43:47 AM] Erdal Bora: so that you can see the whole picture of me [2:44:47 AM] Erdal Bora: now.. today.. i...

Power, Responsibility, Impeccability and Surrender

Some minutes ago, I shook my head and put a hand to my mouth. I was surprised how seemingly small words can trigger great energies from people. But I am now fairly certain that Divine Love never betrays you. It only helps you. As I said in the previous post, I have...

Questions & Answers

Is It Okay to Use the Back Support of a Chair While Meditating? I’ve Been Meditating for Almost 5 Years Now but This Question Is Still on My Mind. Does It Matter What Posture as Long as I Am Comfortable?

The point is to learn to be aligned with what you truly desire. Whether you are meditating in an advanced yogic posture, or whether you are meditating while laying on the bed, or sitting on a chair, are you able to be in the meditative state? We practice staying as...

Been Meditating for 2 Years and Manage to Reach a Peaceful Level of Connectivity and Energy. I Can Sit For Over an Hour Twice Daily Without Following a Certain Method Simply Being… Any Recommendations on a Method With Fireworks I Can Explore?

Live from the meditative state of awareness throughout the day that you have practiced in sitting meditation. Your awareness will start to expand beyond your human self. You will start to become more aware of your deeper aspects, the aspects of your Higher Self. You...