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Is it okay to use the back support of a chair while meditating? I’ve been meditating for almost 5 years now but this question is still on my mind. Does it matter what posture as long as I am comfortable?

The point is to learn to be aligned with what you truly desire. Whether you are meditating in an advanced yogic posture, or whether you are meditating while laying on the bed, or sitting on a chair, are you able to be in the meditative state? We practice staying as...

Been meditating for 2 years and manage to reach a peaceful level of connectivity and energy. I can sit for over an hour twice daily without following a certain method simply being… any recommendations on a method with fireworks I can explore?

Live from the meditative state of awareness throughout the day that you have practiced in sitting meditation. Your awareness will start to expand beyond your human self. You will start to become more aware of your deeper aspects, the aspects of your Higher Self. You...

Seeing the Pandemic as Part of the Natural Flow of Life

The pandemic and quarantine.. almost all of us want to do something and fix the situation. What can be more natural than this? Let's do what we can in the natural flow of life.. what needs to be done will differ according to the location of the person. For some it...

What type of Pranayam should I do to lose my weight and mental illness; I have schizophrenia and I can’t do postures because I have rods in my both hands and I can’t sit down due to joint replacement in one leg?

I am practicing a teaching where posture is not of primary importance. We focus on the pure life force energy (prana in its purest form) in our spiritual hearts and stay as awareness. This energy which is us at the deepest level is intelligent. It knows how to heal us...

Should I continue with my meditation when a trauma and a blockage comes up to the surface during my meditation? Should I just observe it an go on with my meditation? Or should I take that opportunity and use my power to heal it?

Go on with your meditation. Genuine meditation will result in the arising of the state of awareness. Remaining in awareness, in full acceptance with whatever comes up, letting it arise and then return to silence while maintaining focus on the object of the meditation...

What kind of energy can stress and fear generate in us?

Stress is a constriction of one’s energies as a result of one’s focus in the mental patterns generating stress. Fear is a type of energetic experience created when we focus on the belief that we can’t feel love, or that we can feel it in a very limited way. It is a...