Why Copyright? and Terms of Use


The purpose of this site is to support your awakening and spiritual enlightenment. For this, I express my understanding and open my heart as best as I can when creating this content. I feel the purpose of this site is for people to learn from it, not copy its content. I also learned from others in my life, and in this site I extensively provided references to those resources I learned from rather than copying them and putting them here. This way, I am not diluting those resources, and people can go to the source to learn from them. Going to the source is important because the source is created with experience. In this way, I am cooperating with those resources I benefitted from, and I am adding my experience, my energy in helping the basic truths of life to surface more and more in our experience. Therefore, I don’t want you to copy this site, but sincerely wish you to learn from it, and you can refer and provide references to it as much as you desire while adding your energy to create your unique creations. This way, the site will be serving its purpose of supporting you to awaken to your own creative potential. You can also make quotes of content that is in this site to support your creations. Making quotes, or providing clear references will be an act of recognition by you that you haven’t yet the full experience behind the content or at least you haven’t personally created it, but you still value it and wish to integrate it into your understanding and/or build upon/in cooperation with it and help others integrate it and what you have built in cooperation with it into their understandings. 

If you just duplicate the content and share it as if it was created by you without having the experience and understanding that is connected to its true value, you will be diluting the value of the words and the content in the experience of whomever sees it. 

In summary, please don’t waste your energy copying and duplicating the content aspect of this work, but rather invest your energy into your own spiritual development and advancing your evolution, so that you can be of the greatest service to this world. The ideas behind this content are already within you, find the truth of this, understand them and use them freely, this copyright is definitely not to restrict this, on the contrary it is here to encourage this. Ultimately, this content is for you, for us. 

Privacy Policy

All private communication between me and users of this site will be kept strictly confidential by me unless explicitly agreed to to make it otherwise.