How can I become better at guitar? I’ve been an intermediate player for a while now, and I feel “stuck”. Any tips? Suggestions?

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Question & Answer

I have discovered something that can answer your question and will try to convey that to you..

We have unlimited creative power within us, which is only limited by our minds within our experience. The more we focus into our true self, the more this creativity is realized. For you to break your stuckness, stop trying to be a good guitar player. Instead realize that you have already all that you need to express increasingly wonderful music. Do not try to be good enough. Instead right now, in this present moment, realize your creative potential as deep as you can. Focus deep inside.. and let the music flow. Do not be bothered by how the notes turn out and what others will think about the notes or the music you make. Do not worry about whether the music you make is good or not.. according to a judgment within your mind.. or an ‘external’ judge. The more you doubt your creative ability, the more a shaky creativity will manifest in your experience. The less you doubt, right now, the stronger your music will get. Do not try to prove your creativity, instead believe in it 100 percent, by discovering its truth right now. I know this sounds very hard or even insane.. but genius is beyond ‘sanity’. It is beyond established reality of people. It is the ability to create new realities. It will sound insane, but it is the sanest thing ever. Because it is based on the actual truth of the present moment. The difficulty is only in the mind, and it is natural to have some progression of (increase of ) creativity. The reason is one is afraid to believe 100 percent in an instant. (me included)

Now, to demonstrate for you I will focus inward to get into a creative state (without any warmup, will do this in the video) and make some unique music and will post the link here: (please be patient it will take a few hours to upload)

After I played this, I wanted to create even better music and started another recording. However, I lost focus.. and fumbled around distractedly and was also cooking a meal and stopped. Who cares? Yes, I lost focus because my focus on my true self is not 100 percent yet. I won’t judge myself for that. And I don’t have to create increasingly better music. I am always a creative being.. and if my focus is interrupted by some thoughts or mental noise.. this means there is a momentum from the past ongoing inside my mind. I won’t reject this, or judge this as bad. Instead I will be peaceful and accepting about it, and let myself be a natural musician, or person. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone, instead I would like to be happy and peaceful whatever I do. My creativity will increasingly be revealed the more I mature as a being. Why rush, feeling not good enough? Isn’t that doubting myself also? A small flower should not be worried that it is small, because it is bound to bloom. An unhatched chick should not worry that it hasn’t hatched yet.. Just keep hitting the shell, it will break, it is bound to break. It is not practically useful spending your energy worrying about whether it will break or not, just keep hitting.

So, as an advice.. be unconditionally loving to yourself even while you feel stuck. Be accepting of your stuckness also. And keep focusing deeper and deeper inward. Keep hitting the shell. But love the shell as well.

Note: I play accordion at an amateur level, less than 1 hour a week. I haven’t focused on technique or reading notes after intermediate level of training so there are gaps in my knowledge in those areas. But I play very well based on my skill level, and feel like I am improving a lot when I am playing. There will be many mistakes while I playing, but it is not my goal to remove these mistakes. My real goal is to discover myself as a creative being. If you like to see how I am progressing you can check this page out: Music – Erdal Bora (Personal Web Site)

A note about the writings in this site: I recommend you check these two articles (article 1) (article 2) about the writings on this site if you haven’t already.