Besides money, what other incentives can be used to motivate your workforce?

by | Oct 20, 2019 | Question & Answer

If you can see the value of what you are creating as a company yourself, you can share your ideas, your feelings with your workforce. You can also go into physical/emotional/mental action yourself, creating yourself as a leader. You must be the visionary in this case. To be a visionary, even in a small scale, you need to be looking within yourself, placing your awareness within yourself to enlighten the vision of this visionary. So in this approach, the incentive is an inner knowing that you have found within yourself and are bringing into the world. This type of incentive is actually created by you, it is based on your own creativity. Those employees who are willing to be open to see this possibility will be inspired by you and will support you. There is always a free will aspect here. But your effort of love, your effort of looking within, your effort of enlightening a vision within yourself will never go to waste. It will be inspirational. Those willing to be inspired will definitely rise and shine. Those who choose to remain closed, will hide and shy. 🙂 Those who have inspiring business elsewhere, well.. they don’t need your leadership anyway.

The other type of incentive is money. An unmoving man, who can be made to move just with the incentive of money is a sleeping man. He is sleeping because, he is not aware of the creative energy within, he is not aware of his free-will, and the ability to direct the flow of his creative energy. He needs money to be able to get this energy from others and needs to be led by others, otherwise he can’t move a finger. People are usually not completely asleep. But they can be mostly asleep. Such people will take minimal responsibility. And such a workforce is actually only like an almost soulless machine. A few slightly more awake people can use this machine, feed it its money and manipulate it according to their desires. This is a rather unevolved type of company.

There can be more evolved companies. Like those who have more responsible employees who feel responsible for themselves and their families and their locality. Or more evolved ones whose employees reel responsible for their nations or even for the entire world. Each one will do good with a matching or greater level of leadership.

No matter what level you are at, start working on yourself. The more you awaken to your innate capabilities, the more responsible you will feel and vice versa. The more responsibly you live in this moment, the more you will awaken to your innate capabilities. When you are feeling you are genuinely responsible for your company, your employees, and the wider world, you will want to act accordingly, for their highest good. And a leader who has genuinely the highest good of his fellow man in heart and mind will be recognized and respected. This is why finding the value you wish to see in the world truly within is essential. Being sincere, being real is the only sure way to success. You can fail according to opinions of sleepy people, but you will always be succeeding to those who are able to see the truth. And eventually truth will always show itself to even those who are hiding from it.

Truth is most quickly seen by those who shine their awareness on it. Shine your awareness to all aspects of your life, including the deepest parts of yourself, and you will most quickly awaken to truth. You will be a quickly evolving leader.

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