Introduction to Sitting Meditation

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Recommended Product

I had purchased this product created by Lincoln Gergar in 2014, and below is the review I had posted on on 12 May 2014 and a follow-up to it:

***** Excellent 

“I used this product to educate myself about meditation. Over the years I learned a lot from Lincoln Gergar’s Higher Self Teachings. This product contains very neat and topic-focused information and exercises to introduce meditation. By my judgment from following his videos over several years, Lincoln Gergar is a master of meditation, and this CD can teach you breath meditations that you can immediately begin to use. You can also use the CD several times as a meditation companion. It is very important to get accurate information that covers the necessary basics about meditation and I strongly feel this product does that. Highly recommended.”

My meditation practice has developed to this day with the support of this product, Lincoln Gergar’s other free teachings and also by working with him personally in channeling sessions and in a workshop about meditation and I now am starting to endorse this product from my website starting from today.

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