What are some good tactics to manage stresses that are unavoidable in our life?

by | Sep 14, 2019 | Question & Answer

Would you create stress if you knew that you are the creator of everything in your perception?

If you didn’t know that you are the creator of everything in your perception, then it would seem that some stresses are unavoidable, and then you would seek good tactics to manage them.

I will give you a perfect tactic for stress. Do not for one moment believe that stress happens because of something external to yourself. When stress arises, and when not, take full responsibility for what is happening in your life. Own it. Own it to such a degree that you can allow it to happen just as it is and stay aware with it. Own it to such a degree that you see whatever happens as a part of yourself. Own it to such a degree that you don’t feel compelled to control it personally. It is already yours, why try to control it personally?

For this, you must go beyond being a person while being a person. You must learn to be, by being. When you are; when everything is already you, what is there to fuss about? Who will be there to be stressed? But when it is you/your personality vs the world, vs the infinite possibilities that deep inside you know you are, then… good luck… there is an infinite number of good tactics to manage stress, because there are infinite ways to experience stress. Your personality will change, based on what you have been experiencing.. and along with it the ways of management will change.. but you will always stay a manager, never be the master. Therefore, the perfect tactic is to let go of all tactics and completely owning it. A master does not need a tactic, because he is in the awareness that he is one with his expression. He is in the state of ownership without being personally the owner.

It is OK to study different tactics too. Nothing wrong about it. Only remember, you are all possibilities and tactics are endless; you will be playing hide and seek with stress, with life this way. Fun game, nothing wrong. Just saying so that you can remember that you can play a different game when you desire, too.

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