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I am Erdal Bora. This is a temporary blog I am creating until I create a web site under my name. My primary purpose is not blogging but to have a free web site to offer free life coaching services to any Soul who stumbles upon my blog.

It is a normal practice to define oneself on one’s blog, but that is something I won’t do, because I really do not define myself any more in my life. Better will be to share some of my experiences in life and leave what to think of me to you…

I have lived in Turkey all my life except for brief travels abroad to a handful of countries. My primary education has been as a computer engineer, then I pursued further to get a M.S. in Software Management. I worked a couple of years as an engineer and then got bored and went freelancing. A couple of more years and I started a software/electronics company called Nanotronik Ltd. After a good amount of struggling (for about 3 years), the company failed financially, I lost the desire to run it and I decided to gradually close it.

I was once a very enthusiastic Kendo practitioner (Japanese Martial Art) . I had the chance to be trained by respectable Japanese Sensei over the course of 4 years, and also became a novice instructor due to the lack of instructors in Turkey. I competed twice in European Kendo Championships in the teams that were representing Turkey there.

I have always known myself to be very inquisitive about the nature of reality. All my life I questioned its meaning and personal development/introspection has been a big part of me. Coinciding with the failure of my company, I lived through really difficult times and during these times, I questioned all my life, going deeper in my search for truth.

I discovered and learned a lot about myself and the nature of reality from my experiences and research. I became much more spontaneous than driven. I got the chance to have a very deep and effortless relationship. I found out that I have a desire to live from my heart, share myself and help people learn to do the same.

In this site, I am offering my time and energy for anyone who desires to share experiences with me and connect with me. In doing so, I believe, we can both go deeper into ourselves and be happier. You could label this as free life coaching, or free spiritual friendship, or you can just view this as creating an experience together just because we both desire to.

Love and Light,


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