I Want To Help People Without Caring for Money

by | Apr 22, 2015 | Blog Post

Helping people. Is this what I really want?

Yes. But the reason is this. What I really want is Love. Love. Divine Will. Surrendering to it.

When I do this, it immensely helps me. It wants to express through me. It overflows.

That is why I want to help other people. Not for helping’s sake. No. It is because Love overflows.

It is only because of Love I want to help other people. When there is no Love, I have no desire to help. I am in need

so terribly, that I cannot think of helping others. I am ailing. I am yearning. I am suffering then.

The word help does not mean anything if I am not feeling Love myself. It does not exist other than to remind me of my need for Love.

Because Love is the truest help. Not giving food, not giving money, not giving time. None of them actually helps others. You can give food to a person for 1000 years, and not help him a bit if there is no Love in your giving. It will be just mechanical when there is no Love.

Yes. Now the next blog post. How will I help people?

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