What is Meditation? How to Practice Meditation.

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Recommended Article

To create similar results, it is wise to learn from people who have mastered the experiences we are trying to create.

This article about meditation was written by Lincoln Gergar, a spiritually enlightened person, who has been reaching out to tens of thousands of people since 2007. I have been learning from him since 2010 and I can say he is one of the clearest sources you can find on spirituality in our time. The article is short but it is packed with very clear and important information about meditation. If you learn and continue to practice meditation for years and then one day return to this article, you will understand that it contained much important advice. So I advise you to study this article more than once as you start and progress in your meditation practice.

Here is an excerpt written by him for this article that clearly summarizes it:

“This article shares a concise and accurate description of what meditation is and how to practice meditation.  A clear explanation is given, the pitfalls are addressed, and directions for the process of meditation are shared.  This short guide to meditation will help anyone who desires to learn meditation.  Experienced meditators who are having difficulty will also find benefit in this article.  Enjoy.”

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