Types of Higher Self Meditation Practices

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Recommended Article

Even after practicing years of meditation, I know this article contains some experiences beyond my current experiential understanding. It has been a very important source of information for me to understand a select number of meditation practices that seem to be the core ones that can lead a person to Spiritual Enlightenment. These meditations are:

Breath Awareness Meditation, Spiritual Heart Meditation, Awareness Focusing on Awareness Meditation and Surrendering in Awareness Meditation.

This article explains 4 types of meditation that we can practice to reach Spiritual Enlightenment, and like the other article explaining the basics of meditation, it contains very important conceptual information that would better be revisited a number of times during our advancement in our meditation practice. The reason is, I feel this article has been written with genuine experience backing it, which spans experiences from the beginning stages of enlightenment to actual enlightenment and as we progress in our own practice towards the same goal, we may benefit from the insights packed into it again and again if we restudy it. This has been my experience.

I have practiced the first 3 meditations in this article; Breath Awareness Meditation, Spiritual Heart Meditation and Awareness Focusing on Awareness Meditation and still continue to do so. I have been benefiting greatly in my life in terms of peace, happiness, health, emotional healing, wisdom and the natural ability to help others that is being unlocked.

My last comment for this article will be; since this article contains the meditations that can help a student reach Spiritual Enlightenment even starting from the beginning stages, it is potentially possible for you to save tons of time and effort that could go into practicing ego based meditations or meditations taught by unenlightened people that can lead to limitation or at most to what level they are at, which you would need to transcend sooner or later if Spiritual Enlightenment is your goal.

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Update (10/17/2019): I have practiced all the 4 meditations explained in the article. Each one of them arise naturally as we progress in our spiritual practice and our understanding evolves. Staying as awareness is the common element of these meditations. My advice is to practice what you are guided from within at any given time. As we practice this way, we naturally recognize what already is as ourselves. Therefore, after two years since I wrote this review, more of what this article is expressing is in my experience. I feel I have an understanding of all the four meditations now.