Self Loving Approach to Working

by | Mar 5, 2017 | Blog Post

I just sent this to a friend after contemplating on why I was reluctant to apply on freelance jobs and about my work life.. how I wanted to work in this world. We both thought it was worth sharing:

“I find that when i say i love you to myself it helps with my attitude to work.. i have been having some blocks with starting working.. getting freelance jobs.. because it felt like ‘work needs to be self depriving’ .. due to past experience with work.. tonight i am becoming aware of this block and i am saying i love you to myself.. work does not need to be self depriving.. it can be self loving.. what if all the work we do could be self loving.. ? what if we wouldn’t need to torture ourselves to work a bit more? but that our work was coming out of the good that we wanted to do in this world? so that when we do it, it never drains us but rather even makes us more capable and stronger?”

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