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by | Feb 26, 2017 | Blog Post

Here is a message/contemplation I have shared with a friend..

I have been contemplating
so, i am staying as awareness.. and life goes on..
i do chores and such.. and then nothing to do left.. i sit in front of the computer.. after a while.. i start to feel like i must do something
i am surfing randomly
also staying as awareness whenever i remember.
a pressure starts to build.. i must do something..
i am in the minus financially.. i think that i must earn money..
but what to do..? i browse around.. the mind searches for the perfect thing to do..
looks at various jobs.. nothing appeals..
i think that i was going to do life coaching..
but.. what to teach?
how to coach?
it is a paradox..
for the mind
working on the web site? but what to write?
there is nothing absolute to be written
there is nothing absolute to teach
there is no perfect task to do
no absolute guideline to follow and live life by.
that we are what we seek.. what the mind tries to find
we are the goal
which can not be captured
in any form in creation
that is why the mind is like a dog chasing its tail when one is not aware of oneself
the dog cannot catch its tail ( well mostly 🙂 )
because the more it follows it the more it escapes
So.. the essence of it comes to..
Be yourself in the present moment.. your true self.. which is (both) beyond creation, (and) one with creation. This is what the mind seeks.. and once you be this.. it is peaceful and happy. The seeking subsides..
There is no obligation left.. no burden.
Obligation meaning.. something you HAVE TO do to be peaceful and happy
Burden meaning.. something you HAVE TO get rid of to be peaceful and happy
One is free to be oneself.. and lives their life from this peace and happiness.
and everything arises.. the stronger the realization of peace and happiness as independent from creation.. as the awareness that we are and as the love that we are..
the less the peace and happiness can be disturbed.
so everything can be accepted if one lives more and more as themselves in the present moment
i would teach from this state as a life coach
can’t teach anything concrete except for this.
and to earn money.. do whatever you do.. it doesn’t matter. as long as you do it from peace and happiness.. you will be bringing that energy to the world..
when i begin to forget this.. anxiety builds.. and i try to bury it with food.. or other seeking activities.
ok.. got it from my chest.. this is what i wished to express

Update: There is one thing worthy of adding to this contemplation. We are always the awareness. Focusing on the depth of ourselves while living in this world.. would allow us to recognize the silence/peace/Love in the depth that is different from the experience of having lost oneself as the awareness in the activities of the mind, identified with them. To help a person who is in this identified state, we must express from the awakened state, express an awakened state of being, so that that person has a new experience containing this awakened energy that we are expressing, reminding them of this, of their true nature, which is us as well, because we are ultimately one and the same.

Update 2: I feel I am honing my focus in living my life, living life. There is an essence, a state of being, a state of presence, a state of sincerity that we can all work to home in, cultivate. We can discover deeper peace and more Love within ourselves, resulting in the infusion of our lives with these. Here is what I shared with a friend on the importance of having this focus:

A response: “i see.. i still feel like starting up.. trying to enhance the peace and stillness.. working on establishing a good foundation.. as inner state mostly.. also to have an as clear and accessible website as possible.. also to calm the distracting habits.. i think this is a continuous work of personal development through Self focus.. all the best..
i think my focus is not sharp enough. or i am not established in the peace and happiness enough. i spend a lot of time in thought streams and lose awareness of the deeper state of peace and love in many moments. as a result.. there are a lot of half-asleep states in my life.. to really focus on myself and keep it up without falling into a trap of perfectionism/self judgment.. this is the state i want to be as a life coach.. to really be it.. i believe there can be no substitute to this, there can be no substitute to sincere work in the present moment.”

What can be taught to a coaching client? Let’s look at history. Countless words have been spoken by many people. But is there really power behind these words? Whose words really have influence in life? Those who truly have the energy, the state behind these words. Do you want to change your life for the ‘better’? Be sincere then. Be honest and keep this honesty up. Develop it moment to moment. Work on it diligently. Be aware of the self judgment traps that will arise. They will arise, if you aren’t already a fully enlightened being. Self judgment.. it exists in our mind because we haven’t discovered Self fully enough yet.. so we keep judging life, which is said to be perfect by those who have discovered the perfection. Let these words truly ring in you, truly feel the meaning behind these words by finding the equivalent energy within you. When you truly look into yourself, your understanding will develop.. and your life will change as a result.

A note about the writings in this site: I recommend you check these two articles (article 1) (article 2) about the writings on this site if you haven’t already.