Awaken Your Spiritual Heart: Your Doorway to God’s Love

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Recommended Product

I had written the comment/review in the following paragraph back in 2018 after some years of listening to the .mp3 version of this CD. I would like to create another review listening to it again when I get the opportunity. I can definitely remember after so many years that listening intently to this excellent audio presentation/guidance fused with the wonderful energy of Lincoln’s true self will leave me with a greater connection to my spiritual heart.

“I learned the spiritual heart from Lincoln Gergar. I learned core concepts of spirituality from Lincoln Gergar. Before I first contacted him, I had contemplated and reached a conclusion that all life is going towards the experience of oneness. After I examined his, I contacted him and we arranged a session. I never had imagined this much was possible. Since then (2010), I have been learning a wealth of information from him and his teachings. I had purchased and listened to this CD. It was of very high quality. I remember thinking that this is such a priceless treasure. Yes, what Lincoln is teaching is basically the ‘Holy Grail’, but it is right within you! We don’t have to hunt for it like Indiana Jones. We can learn to tap into it right within ourselves, because it is one with ourselves. The source of life force energy is accessed through the spiritual heart. The more we keep focusing here, the more we become aware of it and are purified with this energy. You don’t need to seek for a genuine teacher any more. You have found one, and this I testify with my whole being. Don’t miss these treasures created by him, all the free ones and this one too. If you don’t have money don’t worry. There are countless free ones in YouTube. If you have money, buy this too. Because it is worth it.”

You can access the CD/digital mp3 download from this page.