Chakra Meditation: Higher Self Guided Awakening & Healing

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Recommended Product

I had written the review below for this audio product on in October 30, 2012. I will add to it further below. 

***** Peerless

“I haven’t got across anything as powerful and helpful as Higher Self Teachings during my research on spirituality in all my 34 year life. This CD is a wonderful tool for education and transformation. It is probably the best one you will find on chakras out there. The quality of the CD is unquestionable and the results are only limited by the willingness of the listener to create the intended experiences. This is as far as any product can go. It has been a while I listened to the CDs and I will definitely listen to them again because the last time I did, I made progress about accepting/loving myself unconditionally, and I know it is up to me to continue on this path. I can say that it is not a one time use product, I have already used it several times and it seems to be designed to know yourself more and more each time you listen to and work with it.”

Today it is October 17, 2019. What remains with me from this product I listened several times many years earlier is the insights about connecting with my spiritual heart and then being able to experience each chakra from this place of connection. In the years that passed since 2012, I have mainly focused on strengthening my connection to the spiritual heart, and living as awareness. Chakra awareness is coming up more slowly, because my first goal has been to really establish myself in the core state of Higher Self guided awakening. Lately, I have been able to come into my chakras more fully, I remember feeling my root, sacral, throat and crown chakras more fully recently. I have lost the mp3 file and I want to return to this again to make another pass when I obtain it again. I also still remember the excellent music harmoniously supporting the guided chakra work.

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