How do artists keep up the creative flow and motivation without a lengthy “artist’s fatigue” (burnout)?

by | Oct 20, 2019 | Question & Answer

They don’t pressure themselves to maintain creative flow. This is like forcing a someone to love you. Instead they focus on love itself.

It is like.. You are God.. and you are creating just because you truly desire to create and you are creating the most wonderful thing that you know of, not letting anything within you dictate you otherwise.

See.. you focus on the beauty.. you don’t focus on someone or some idea forcing you to create beauty. You focus on the love in fact. Love would be a more accurate word than beauty. When you focus on the love, at the very moment you will be creating the most beautiful thing on earth. You may even be appearing as a dirty beggar crawling on the pavement. But still, you are creating the most beautiful thing on earth. Because, creating art is not about what is appearing. What is appearing has been created in the past. Creating art is what you are focusing on now. And all expectations, all pressure.. these are all related to the past. They are all due to conditioning.

In this very moment, you are God. You are free. You are perfect. You are free from all conditioning. You can create with the purest energy. Art is bringing this knowledge into this earth by transforming forms from an awareness of this.

We as humanity are learning to find and focus on this Love within us. The more you empower ideas that say you are not free, you are not worthy as you are, you are not Love itself, you are not whole and complete already as your true self, that you are separate from life, the more you will experience this separation from who you truly are and the more you will experience a feeling of lack, a feeling of disempowerment, disharmony. As you more and more make these feelings an identity, you will feel burned out.

The more you surrender to who you truly are, to your SELF/THE self, the more the burnout experience will be naturally healed from within.

Look with awareness, look with your own free will, discern the truth of existence. Opinions from others can direct you to experiences, but only when you truly become aware of truth yourself you will understand. Therefore, be aware, with the intention to know the truth of life. This will lead you to the awareness of Love. This will lead you to discover that you yourself are the awareness that perceives. And meanwhile you can create art, and it will reflect your evolving understanding of the truth of life.

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