How do I figure out what my true subconscious needs are, that I’m failing to fulfill, because I’m substituting bad habits and unhealthy desires in place of those true needs?

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Question & Answer

Your subconscious needs are whatever you are creating them to be in this moment. You are the creative consciousness.

See? The dilemma begins when you believe that you are not the creative consciousness, and that some other force is partially responsible for whatever you experience. This belief creates the subconsciousness. (By holding on to this belief, we cause the creation of the subconsciousness)

See.. there is only one need. This need is the reflection of howsoever you see yourself as different from the all that is. From the ultimate creative consciousness that is all life. So, howsoever you are maintaining the illusion that you are not God, there will be your subconscious needs. How can you figure these needs out then? 🙂 Just be honest, look with awareness to all that is within yourself, coming to the awareness that you are the creative consciousness.

As an example: Are you hungry for food? Well, if you want this to be real, then accept your hunger and eat. Or do you want a different reality? Then come into your reality as creative consciousness and create something different. Like being less hungry for food and more fulfilled with your inner energy. Teach your self that you are God in greater and greater depth.

You as awareness must come into your experience to integrate more of who you truly are. The more you come into your experience, the less you will need to substitute with what you think as external to yourself.

This video further explains this process of awakening.

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