Two Ideas That Are Limiting Humanity. And What Is Beyond This?

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Article (Translated From Turkish)

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One of the basic ideas advocated in many religious teachings or understandings is that man cannot find the truth by his own efforts and must seek guidance from outside.
Thinking along these lines;
If man’s mechanism for seeing the truth is not sufficient, how can he be sure that he is choosing the right religion? As we can see, a person who thinks along these lines can never be sure of the religion he chooses.

If the opposite is true, that is, if the human mechanism of seeing the truth is sufficient to find the truth, then religions are not essential, that is, not necessarily necessary, for human beings to see/find the truth.

If a religious understanding tells you that you should be afraid if you are not a member of that religion, and implies that you cannot see or find the truth by your own independent effort, then it is creating individuals who, even if they are members of that religion, cannot be sure of its truthfulness, but are afraid to engage in an independent search on their own, and cannot even think of trying to do so.

These thoughts (1- The ability to see the truth on one’s own is not enough to find the truth. 2- If you are not of X understanding (or belief), you should be afraid.) is one of the main reasons why a significant part of humanity has lived for millennia without being able to break out of certain patterns of thought, and living these patterns half-heartedly and unsure.

This cycle can be broken only by looking at life with sincerity and showing oneself the ability to see the truth. (See footnote)

That this, the ability to see the truth, can never be destroyed in human beings can be seen in the fact that the desire for freedom and democracy in nations has never been destroyed or permanently eradicated. The good news is that it can never be destroyed. The bad news, or the news we need to watch out for, is that it can be covered over for long periods of time with illusions and delusions, and the masses can spend long periods of time largely asleep. Again, salvation is in the hands of the individual, who must sincerely make this experience known to himself.

Footnote: (For example, if one belongs to a religion, one must first sincerely study that religion, and never stop until one is absolutely sure of one’s faith. If he is sincere, he should go into the depths of that religion in the belief that it can lead him to the truth. For example, he can ask the God of that religion to give him the truth as soon as possible.) (If he is, for example, an atheist scientist, he should thoroughly question the idea of atheism and all scientific approaches, and he should be able to admit that he does not know what he does not know. If he goes along this line, he will eventually be able to go beyond the limitations of knowing and the mind itself, and eventually discover that he can go beyond his limitations).

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