I want to start a company. What is the quickest way to do this as a computer science student?

by | Dec 29, 2019 | Question & Answer

You go and register the company. You buy your furniture etc. And there you are. You have a company. Did anything change in your life? You bet. Now, you have some additional running costs and obligations. Did this add any value to your life? Nope..

See. Companies are there as a legal framework because in this world, people need such frameworks to operate. They can’t trust each other fully, because by experience they know that the overwhelming majority of people are not fully conscious of their actions and are not acting 100 percent responsibly for the highest good of all. So, laws exists to bring some order to this and companies are part of the legal system defining the boundaries of how to conduct a business.

But the real point of business is to create and deliver value, in a way that can coexist with your temperament while evolving your temperament. So, you can easily go through the legal steps and create a company but you need to clarify for yourself what is valuable and deliverable in the form of a company for you. And what does the world need? You must also answer this question to find an expression of this value. It is not just looking and seeing what you personally like. It is looking deeper to your heart and seeing what you truly desire and what the world truly needs.

Sit in bed and look within, with full concentration. If you really want to deliver this value through a company you start, you must be able to clearly see the truth of the situation in your mind.

How did US win the race to go to the moon without trying to go to the moon first and failing? They first finished the job within themselves. They won the race without going there yet. They did all the inner work, all the preparation and then they could do it quicker. When the challenges arose, they knew how to handle them, because they had clarity about what they were doing. So, those men could go there and come back.

If you want to set up a successful company, do your inner work completely before you actually do it. If you wish to start a hollow shell of a company, just get up after you read this answer and go register a company with the name you like and with a domain you choose just on the fly with whatever comes to you while filling the form. If you want a struggling company, do something in between.

I have also an education in Computer Engineering, and had enrolled in many lessons in Computer Science. One can know this or that it is not that important. Everyone knows something these days. You can learn anything and get full of information but will this truly be valuable for the world? Internet already has all this information and everyone with a connection can access this. You must be the consciousness that can create value with this information. You must be the consciousness that can utilize all your history, and all your human faculties to bring something to this world. It doesn’t have to be in a certain physical, emotional, mental form. But you must be the light to move the information in the world forward, to evolve the universe.

A company is such a trivial thing in all this, it is just a minor part of the equation. You can have a company by this week. The real thing is learning to be the consciousness. Open your eyes and see the world clearly. Then you can start a company not out of compulsion, but out of seeing a true need in the world for it and the world will respond well in its need being fulfilled.

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