What is a time where you had to steel your nerves and psyche yourself up to get a task done?

by | Dec 29, 2019 | Question & Answer

My nerves have always been organic. It is my state of being, how I experience myself as consciousness is what decides how much I experience those times of strong emotional balance. The human organism is a wonderfully capable machine. We only need to learn to use it yet who we are is not it. We are the consciousness that is creating it within ourselves. Steel nerves does not come by chance. It is a result of energetic/mental/emotional and physical well being. Though, it has been observed that even if your body is literally burning, you can still keep your composure, so the power of the spirit is potentially greater than the power of the body in terms of being able to stay composed. (look up the burning monk). I am saying potentially, because spirit can also create itself to be overwhelmed by the physical. It is how you (as consciousness) create yourself to be (your expression) that will become your experience. As we spiritually awaken, we experience greater of this innate ability to create our experience the way we truly desire from our hearts, yet we are always creating ourselves. We are always creating but the degree how much we are creating consciously changes.

Nowadays, through my practices, I don’t ‘psyche up’ but I work to get more and more centered on who I truly am. In my older martial arts days (of kendo), we used to ‘psyche up’ during intense practice by loud martial cries and intense attentiveness. We used to call this ‘gambatte’ at those times. We weren’t fully conscious of how we were doing it, but it was our dedication to the practice and the way the practice of kendo was based on ‘gambatte’ and etiquette.

The main principles of capability are Awareness, Life Energy and Intelligence. These are the aspects of our deepest spiritual self. The more we have awakened to these aspects as ourselves, the more capable we will be in our lives. The more deeply we experience ourselves as the Awareness that contains all life, the energy of life itself and the intelligence of life, the more capable we will experience ourselves to be. My practice has been heavily influenced by these teachings and aims to reach this deepest state of awakening.

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