Why is it so hard to find someone with work ethic?

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Question & Answer

Nothing is hard. (I will explain).

Everything is possible in this universe. Every experience can be reached/created.

Therefore, nothing is hard.

We only experience what we call hard, because we get stuck in a place of trying to experience something when we in actuality are not a match for it internally, from deep inside. This is resistance to the essence of all reality.

Stop trying to think from a place where you see this as hard. Instead, look at life with awareness, look at what you see as outside of yourself, and look within yourself with awareness. Look with an intention to reach an absolute certainty that you can achieve any sincere goal that you desire. Sincere goal means what you truly desire to create from your heart, and what you would not wish to cancel out later or sabotage during due to regret.

It is OK to throw out questions out of perhaps frustration or exasperation. But can you go all the way to take full responsibility for what you are experiencing? Can you go all the way so that you won’t have to blame the circumstances for making you unhappy? Can you go all the way so that you can be one with the circumstances, flow with them, without a need to argue with them, simply create in unison with them, so that all your desires are already coming to you effortlessly, because you have worked beyond effort to come to the place that you are aligned with them?

Then, all the people you need with work ethic will come to you. I can give you one living example to this. It is the ISHA Foundation. Never been there. But I know them from their videos and I feel intuitively their integrity. A guru leads them and volunteers run their organization. And their organization was looked with wonder by top leaders of other organizations, and they asked how can you run this so smoothly? (I remember something like that from Sadhguru’s talks).

Why this example? Because I know that volunteers live from their hearts. The heart is where we connect with the intelligence of life. And when we are living in tune with it, we are also living with integrity. So, things run smoothly. Work gets done. People run almost with the same heart beat, they cooperate, they complete one others efforts. Ethic happens. Morality without imposition is naturally present.

Be a match for this. That guru is an example of being a match for this and with great intensity of energy and wisdom, and all those people with integrity have recognized this and joyfully supporting him, inspired by him. A great example if you ask me.

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