How can I learn to accept compliments better?

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Question & Answer

The lesser your ego, the lesser it’s reactions will be able to pull you around, when it is triggered by the environment/compliments.

The more awakened you are, the less you will be empowering the ego.

Are compliments that different than chastisements? Perhaps practicing equanimity can help you evolve your understanding.

There is a certain perfection that can be experienced when we look at life as a whole. When it is all perfect, who is lesser, and who is more, who is worse and who is better?

It is all the same existence, just different colors, hues, shades.. shadows and light and the darkness of space. But it is all one. So is space bad? Is darkness bad? Is light good? If darkness weren’t there how would we be distinguish light? If space was all full, what more could fit in it?

Recognize the perfection of infinity. Smile at compliments and let them wash over you. Smile not because of the compliments, but because you feel the perfection of existence. And smile when you feel a compliment is coming from the same place of recognition.

Sorry.. it is late..

Maybe not smile sometimes.. There really is no best way for this.. If you feel truly happy and peaceful from within, when you are awake to who you truly are, how you express yourself as form does not require calculation. It comes naturally. You just go along with your heart and its intelligence guides you through life. This is your own innate intelligence. When you are just in the mind, then it worries, it seeks. How to be complete? How to feel genuine happiness? How to be appropriate? How to be accepted by others?

But.. start with yourself. Find the perfection of your own being. And see this in the entire world. It is all one.

Good night from Turkey. 😉

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