How can I build a good career in management? How can I start? Whenever I look up job opportunities online related to my field, they often require some years of experience which I don’t have.

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Question & Answer

Don’t hurry up. First of all, learn to manage your own self, your own life. Learn to lead yourself. Live with integrity. You will start to grow as a person this way. You can start working in a company. Live with awareness, and do your job with as full involvement as you can, without getting identified with it. Then, you will understand how things work, and how you yourself work. You can then naturally can switch into a management position. With this approach, basically, you already were in management from the start. You were just managing a smaller amount of energy, now you are going to manage a larger amount of energy.

Basically, keep growing as a person and you will increasingly learn how to create your desires smoothly.

Otherwise, you can be a manager today, starting your own company and hiring employees. But are you ready for it or are you doing it out of a compulsion to feel good enough because of being a manager?

Mmm.. I would look at it like this.. I would contemplate what is the highest value I could create right now and keep working to bring this to life. And.. would you hire yourself if you were looking for a manager if the company you wish to work for were yours?

You can gain management experience by managing yourself. There is not so much difference. As a person truly knows themselves, so they know others. The basic mechanics of being a human is the same for all. The personalities can change, but you can approach in a core but flexible way that can work for all personalities.

I started a company early on and managed it. I am now my own manager. Now, I see myself responsible for the entire world when I am truly centered. When you see that you are working for the entire world within yourself, you can manage all your actions and interactions that will serve the highest good of all. In this way, as your focus is on creating the highest good for the widest possible amount of beings, you can have the career with the highest amount of potential benefit, since you are investing in that direction.

Nothing is by chance. Any and all beings with gravitas earn it through genuine inner growth. If you haven’t developed it enough yet, keep working on it. Don’t even be discouraged that some younger people have more gravitas than you. They did the work some time. Perhaps even in another lifetime. You have the exact same potential as all conscious beings. So it is up to your desire and concentration. How would you choose to create your life if you knew you were the creator of your life experience? Start to consciously work on this, and it will keep developing.

Examine the lives of truly or highly successful beings(Example: 1,2) with high gravitas. Look at them in the present moment. Look into their expression. Notice the quality of their concentration. Notice the amount of life that they have captured. Notice their humanity, they too had their lows, at some time. The greatest ones will be the most naturally humble. The ones who admit that they know nothing. They will be the most attentive, most in tune with life, which is in a constant state of change. Their memory will be great too, but they will primarily rely on their attentiveness in the present moment. You can also find some inspiring examples aligned with your heart’s guidance and learn from them, not necessarily by imitating.. but by learning what your heart guides you to learn.

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