All Lives are Sacred and Everything is Possible

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Blog Post

I am nowadays going from ‘I should do something with my life’ to ‘all lives are sacred and everything is possible’ attitude to life. I mean, isn’t everything happening through our choices? Isn’t the universe perfect? Wouldn’t your Soul be able to incarnate anywhere it desired, if it matched the frequency? I don’t know the answer to that experientially, but I think we get what we truly want from life. This is getting proved more and more within my life. I am not saying that we get what we want from life, I am saying we get what we truly want, and this is perhaps what life wants truly as well. And what life desires, happens. And they are saying, we are not separate from life. So, what if we are life? Not this body, not our emotions, not our mind, not our personality or anything personal. But the entire universe as a singular entity? And we can focus anywhere in this universe as life, and experience the experience of where we are focusing, simultaneously creating everything as life?

So, where does this all come from? They say it comes from God, but does it matter what name we give to it? I feel it comes from a Source, something uncreated, something that transcends creation, something that is not a thing. And I look at this body that I think is mine, and I observe the thoughts pouring out of my mind, through my fingers to this screen. The body, the thoughts, they alone can not be the entirety of me, I must be something more. I don’t even have full control over what is happening with my thoughts and body when I think I am a personality.

What do I mean? I mean how could I define myself as a person? Let’s say I define myself as a person who likes to meditate, interested in spirituality, likes animals and nature, likes to share love, doesn’t like to be imposed rules on his conscience. I could go on and on defining myself. One who has a body, 176 cm high, about 58 kg.. I could go on defining every detail of my body, go into the cellular level, the language having its limitations, I could go on creating volumes of information just trying to define every detail of my body using the English language. And then.. my mind?

I could go on trying to define the contents of my mind. They are a part of me right? So, I would speak out my thoughts, my beliefs. And as I speak them out, they will keep changing. I can recount my experiences in this life, as far as I can remember. And as long as I write, I will remember some more, I can go into more and more detail. And where did the thoughts in my mind come from? From my family, from the society, from my Soul’s working with them? Where did they come from? Where does the personality come from? Going deeper and deeper, I cannot define myself in a purely static manner. There is a dynamic quality.

And that dynamic quality, is working right now to create this article. This article is something new. Something that has never existed. Search for it in the entire universe. You won’t probably find something exactly like it. It cannot be duplicated. It is unique. Do some calculations and the probability of encountering an article exactly like this, with the location of publishing, with the medium of publishing being the same.. is impossibly low. It is beyond calculation that this point of focus in the universe can exist anywhere else. My current experience is unique. Because it is this dynamic quality, which cannot be defined, is creating this experience and the experience contains the experience of the dynamic quality. The dynamic quality makes it impossible to define and contain.

So, I am beyond definition. This experience is unique and flows forth from beyond definition.

Therefore, all lives are sacred. All lives are unique. They all flow from the dynamic quality. From the divine as they say.

And for the divine, everything is possible.

So, be one with the divine, and you will see that everything is already possible, and everything is already being created right now. Something you want is not happening? Well then it is your choice to stay there, to stay at the point where something you want is not happening. Go deeper, and you will see that this is exactly your choice. Don’t go deeper and you will experience not going deeper.

It is your choice, at one with the divine. One with God. Not as a personality. As God. Because nothing is separate from God. Surrender your personality in this moment, and you will see that life is happening as a single unit.

Well, I haven’t focused to the absolute depths of this. But I have been focusing deeper and deeper into myself. And right now I am creating this article, expressing these thoughts, as my personal truth, so that whoever wants to experience them can, including me the person. Enjoy.


I haven’t written this post with a didactic manner. I just wrote it in an expressive, non-edited style. I did a few spelling/punctuation corrections and that’s it. If I wanted to walk you through an extensive description of reality, I would probably fail. Because it is not my desire to encapsulate reality in definitions. It is anyways impossible to do it thoroughly I think, for a human being with a limited time span and other interests as well. But, I hope my posts help you discover some freedom within you.. which you already have, as I have written in this article. But that also depends on your choices, or let’s say that also depends on the depth.. life. So, whether you choose to discover your inner freedom or not.. even this does not matter.. because I know.. the chooser can always choose whatever he wants to choose. It feels all perfect to me right now.

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