In the Islamic teachings that I have been taught, from you know.. elders in the family and hearsay.. heaven was told to me as the place where all your desires will be granted. And in the highest place in heaven, you will get to see God.

These beliefs are from my childhood.. and now they ring true but from a higher perspective.

What if, already all our desires are being granted to us? And what if, if we desired to see God, truly desired to see God, know God, we would be able to, and we are not yet doing this because we haven’t desired it enough yet? or we have been desiring other things as well.. worldly things, mental, emotional physical?

What if the perfect God has been already perfectly granting our every single desire?

To realize this is to be in heaven.

To lose touch with this, through other desires, through the desires that cover up this heavenly feeling.. to such a degree that it is almost entirely forgotten for periods of time.. is to be in hell for periods of time.

So, it is true, those Islamic teachings are true, from a higher perspective that, those who truly believe in God will enter heaven. And those who disbelieve will enter hell. Belief meant here is the choice of the Soul to experience God, experience oneness with God as it evolves in understanding, knowledge. Disbelief is just a temporary covering over the reality of God.. just a temporary state of illusion for the Soul.. one that would last as long as the Soul chooses to stay there. But it will always be given choice to experience the oneness state with God.. My feeling is that God never condemns.. it is the Soul that chooses to experience whatever it wants.. discovering God as its experience base develops. Discovering hues of experience.. tastes of experience.. within the perhaps near infinitely large creation-universe of God.

And the choice is made by God as the Soul.

Heaven or Hell? Nobody is putting you anywhere. Nobody is condemning you. You have free will. Because God has the will and we are one with God.

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