Towards Enlightenment (11): To Surrender One Hundred Percent or Not to Surrender One Hundred Percent, That is the Question on this Path.

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Blog Post (Translated from Turkish)

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19:24 There can be other paths. In the path I am going, when you make an effort to surrender 100%, when that is your intention, the system works. When you want a little bit of the other, the system doesn’t work. It is very simple. That’s why I’m stopping my posts until the universe moves me to write again, because if you read what I have shared so far, including this post, there is enough information. Either I surrender 100% and go all the way, or at some point along the way I stop continuing and create chaos. I don’t want to give you confusion in the articles I write every time I create confusion. That’s why, as it was clearly revealed in previous articles, unless you really want the deepest truth and focus on it to the end and go all the way to the end with full surrender, from the moment you cut it, you are replanting a branch of the ego/self tree back into the soil, and it grows again from there.

So whether you feel healthy, whether you feel peaceful, whether you feel serene, whether you feel empowered, whether you eat less, whether you don’t eat at all, etc., etc., all of these are ultimately, as far as I can see, not very important in terms of reaching the ultimate goal. These are the stages that are passed through, and the form may be different from person to person on this path. Is there pure intention, 100% surrender intention or not? This is the whole issue on this path.

I’m not saying that the efforts are wasted, I’m just saying that you need to keep going until the end, and there’s not much point in talking about the gains in the intermediate stages, because I’m not sure if the person reading this article can benefit from these articles to achieve those gains if they are going to aim for the gains in the intermediate stages, because the gains here are achieved while moving forward with the intention of 100% surrender. It is necessary to want the truth. These articles will benefit people who are seeking the truth. For this reason, maybe I will not stop completely, I will continue to write. But when I start to deserve to write. July 20, 2015. 19:44

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