The Desire to Awaken

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Article (Translated From Turkish)

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Have you ever felt that you were in an endless dream and wanted to wake up?

In recent years, I have been following some newspapers and social media on the Internet. There is and has been an endless flow of thoughts. All kinds of news, videos, pictures, games, articles, you name it… Human beings produce such a variety of content.

After a while, this flow of content became boring. An endless stream, millions of different thoughts, events, memories and imaginary/fantastic productions.

What moves people from one place to another? Why do you get up today and go to work or school to do profession A? Why A and not B?

Everyone has an inner world. We can see a reflection of this on the Internet. On the Internet we can witness the reflections of the inner worlds of people in various parts of the world.

Suffering… my problem is to reach a world where people don’t suffer… But it should also be a world where they are free to suffer.

I mean, I want people to be able to create a world without suffering with their free will. I want them to reach that level.

I want it to be a world where people can live with a sense of security, they know how to do it and they live it.

I want a world where people have no fear of being harmed.

What can I do for that? I have to get rid of all the fears within myself and wake up.

I have to close my eyes to this flow of information flowing into my mind and turn my eyes completely to the energy of love behind it all.

Because now I feel more and more that this flow of information is a collective dream of humanity. News… facebook posts. Everyone is sharing their reality. But what is the real truth behind all this? What do I need to do in order for me to be completely at peace and at peace in my conscience, no matter what happens in this world?

For the whole world to be at peace, I personally need to be able to create my own peace first, and if I can’t do that, how will the world do it?

I have to concentrate. My attention keeps getting sucked into the information flow of humanity. I have to come back and focus on the peace within me, and I have to keep it going, make it constant.

The media almost hypnotizes us, are you aware of that?

Besides the media, the culture we live in is also a kind of hypnosis. People can’t think outside a certain mold. They keep repeating the same things, many of them are trapped in the same lives.

The same kind of events keep repeating each other.

This is addiction. Our consciousness, our minds are addicted to various patterns.

This is the dream we are living in. In this dream I want to close my eyes, but actually I want to open the eyes of my soul.

I try to keep my attention in the deepest, in the energy of love. The state of dreaming has to give way to the state of light.

We are addicted to the dream, I feel that my biggest challenge is to break this addiction completely and see things as they are.

This is the desire to wake up. I can partially see that the dream is a dream, but I have not yet fully opened my eyes.

Can you understand that the only way to get rid of the suffering once and for all is to wake up?

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