The Solution to All of Humanity’s Problems

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Article (Translated From Turkish)

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The purpose of this article is to create an impression in the minds of the readers in the direction of the title of the article.

I am writing the article structurally without planning it in advance, because I am going to do a kind of reflection on some of the facts that I have come to understand while writing the article. This will also cause the article to dive straight into the topic and then give partial explanations, not a holistic tell-all style. The reader may have questions, confusion or many other effects, and this site or article alone may not be able to resolve all of them. The responsibility lies with the reader, as I said at the beginning of the purpose of the article.

A style that I discovered after writing five or ten sentences is that when I am writing the article, I also try to create a kind of dialogue, a kind of division between a speaker and a learner. (I have finished the article, let me write K and O for clarity in these dialogues)

How did we get here? Why am I here?

I am in the form of a human being with two hands, two feet, senses.

How did I get here? I’ll give you the answer now.

I’ve always been here.

Ö: How(l) so?

K: I was always here.

Ö: I don’t understand.

K: I was always here, I didn’t go anywhere, I didn’t come from anywhere.

Ö: Brother, that’s what I’m asking when I say how did I get into human form, how did I come here?

K: I know. My aim is to awaken in you the real answer to this question. What is this thing you call me?

Ö: I am human, how did I become human… tell me that.

K: I don’t remember the whole thing yet. This is what I am aware of. Even though the body I am in seems to be me, when I close my eyes, when I sleep, this body disappears for me. Or I forget my body when I’m deep in thought. Or when I’m dreaming. I have also discovered a state of awareness. I feel that I am not just this body, or my thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and dreams come and go, but there is also a silence and a peace inside me. I focus on this, and it is becoming more and more evident in my life.

Ö: I don’t quite understand, can you explain more?

K: I am a little impatient, let me put it this way. One day when I was looking for God, I was lying on the bed and I was getting deeper and deeper into myself. I was practicing astral travel, because at that time I believed for a short time that God was somewhere out there and that I could reach him by astral traveling. In the astral travel method I learned for this, I was lying down, relaxing my body, emptying my mind and trying to pull myself up like climbing a rope. I had a feeling that if we wanted to, why couldn’t we reach God? While I was trying this, something like this happened. I started to feel some vibrations in my body, and my field of vision started to darken and turn into a 360-degree darkness beyond the darkness where I closed my eyes. As I was seeing this darkness, I tried to get out of my body. My head lifted upwards and I felt a strain. I also felt that what I was doing was not going to be auspicious. I wanted to stop. Meanwhile, I was feeling a lot of vibrations in my body. From the moment I stopped, I was shaking for 2-3 minutes. There was no fear in me about what was happening. After this experience, this 360-degree dark perspective that I had seen formed the judgment that we are consciousness. I did not try astral traveling again in the same way.

Ö: 360 degrees of dark perspective… tell me about that…

K: It’s like there’s nothing, you just see this darkness. But it’s not the kind of darkness where you close your eyes. It’s been years… I remember that.

Ö: And how does this relate to my question?

K: I have read and lived a lot after that experience. I will tell you this. We are the all-encompassing consciousness as far as I can understand now. Everything is happening within us. In order for a human being to exist, someone has to have guided this process since the single-celled creature, even since the formation of the world. As a particle of light, you have been in various places, passed through various lives and finally identified with this human form while everything is happening in the whole universe. This particle of light is actually one with the whole being. As the consciousness that encompasses all existence, you are identified with this particle of light and you have created a lifeline for yourself within existence. This has brought you to the human form in which you see yourself now. In fact, you are neither a particle of light, nor a stream, nor a human being. You are the consciousness that encompasses the universe, which is the source of these.

Ö: Now you’ve shattered me. Just kidding, I’m already shattered, but I’m faking it. What about God?

K: God… there used to be a concept you created in your head called God. All-powerful, rewarding, punishing, etc., etc., etc., etc., taught to you by religions and social habits. I say that God is everything. A God separate from everything is unthinkable. But God is also beyond everything, that is, God is beyond things. He is the formless consciousness that encompasses everything.

Ö: So if we are this consciousness, then we are God?

K: Some readers will be shocked now, or they are already shocked. What I am saying is this. You who see yourself as a human being, you are not God. You are just a thought structure, that’s all. You are just a dream, an illusion. God is the creator of everything. There is no one else but Him. Therefore, you are Him. And I see God as this all-encompassing consciousness, and I see God as being within everything, as one with every particle.

Ö: So we were going to heaven or something?

K: Heaven and hell are experiences within you. They are experiences created by God. That’s all. If you really want to be in heaven, you will be with God’s permission. But I am trying to take you beyond heaven. I am trying to destroy the distinction between God and you. Listen to me well so that you understand that I am pointing beyond this distinction and start finding it within yourself.

Ö: Now you have destroyed everything, you have confused me.

K: Yes, I know, I have been through the same path, and I can still get into big whirlpools of confusion from time to time. But those who want to find their own essence, their own self in the infinite creation will eventually face them. If you want that, you can walk your own path, and if you still want that, you can stay with me for a while longer. (What I want to say is not that there has to be confusion, I don’t want to impose on your mind the idea that there has to be confusion, but I want to express that if there is already confusion, it will have to be faced).

I am talking about the habits of thought of millennia. You have created a reality for yourself for so long and focused on it that you have forgotten that this reality is created within you. Or rather, it is not possible to forget, but you have created a forgetting self. When this self is active you are in a state of forgetting. Sorry, I am not Ramana Maharshi. So I cannot explain at his level. But I can explain as much as I can feel and understand.

So I say, as long as I am living your dream, you are in a dream. Here I am now, I am this person, I go to school, I go to work, I got married, I just sent a message from the computer, I read the newspaper, I played a game, I’m tired, let me sleep, damn what kind of government and system is this, I want peace in the world but it’s not happening, offff, I’m tired, I’m bored, let’s drink more hey, or let’s not drink at all, let’s play games, let’s dance, what’s on Facebook, let me scroll the scroll button of the mouse, let me watch, Lord Of The Rings and Trollolo man…

It’s a never-ending stream of imagination, do you realize that? That’s what you’re focusing on. Every person has their own imaginary stream, like the news feed on Facebook. But you are actually the screen where that stream flows.

Ö: Okay, okay, I understand, don’t drag it out.

Ö: I’m getting bored with this dialog.

K: I will disappear if you disappear.

So how can all the problems of humanity be solved? Every human being has to experience his own awakening. Because it is actually the self, which is an illusion, that suffers. When the consciousness in the form of the Soul, which is identified with the human being, gets rid of this illusion, that is, when the mind realizes that it is one with existence, it is liberated. It has no more problems. Or let me put it this way, consciousness already has no problem, it is one, there is nothing else, so there is no problem. It is not absolute consciousness that understands, it is the Spirit, that is, a deeper being within the mind.

For example, the problem of world hunger: For a liberated being there is no such problem. Life goes on in the world in one way or another. There is hunger and people die, but new people are born. There may or may not be a problem of hunger. New people are born or not. This being is not identified with the body. Death does not have to upset it. Death is everywhere. Just look at it. Every moment countless beings die, forms keep transforming into each other. If you think you are fixed in a form, you will be sad when things like this form lose their form, when people, similar creatures die. The more attached you are to your own body, the sadder death makes you. Hunger is something similar. There is both the fear of death and the feeling of lack. If you think of yourself as a tiny body, you will inevitably feel incomplete, and when something is missing from your body, you immediately want to replenish it from outside. You might say let’s not complete it and die. Of course you will, because the desire to live is in your body. However, just as there are people who eat a lot and are not full, there are also people who eat a little and are full.

But it’s not a question of satiating the body. The reason for your distress is that whatever you have identified with, whatever thought forms are indispensable for you to remain constant, when events that contradict them happen within you and you witness it, you feel a strain. Either you will give up the thought form that you consider unchangeable, or you will continue this strain, this effort to keep these thought forms alive. The effort to defend your ego, or rather the effort of the ego to defend itself. When you say ego, you think there are two entities, you and your ego. It is not so. There is only you. There is ego in you. The ego is temporary, you will always be.

Even if the troubles of humanity last for thousands of years, when humanity as a whole awakens to this truth, the troubles will end completely. Individually, or rather spiritually, it may take much shorter. Why did I say thousands of years? It doesn’t have to be like this, but as a trend, it may take hundreds or thousands of years for humanity to give up its mental habits and completely surrender to God, to realize that it is one with God, to realize that it exists as a whole consciousness. I don’t know, but it may not come for a very long time. But as far as I see right now, there is an awakening, there is a development in this direction. If this trend continues, humanity will eventually wake up.

What can be done now? That is up to the reader. All kinds of information is available and accessible in the world. And beyond that, the essence of the reader already exists, even without the world. Wherever he or she is, whoever wants to find himself or herself can do it somehow (*1). There is no rule how (*2), but the teachings of wise people will be useful to free people from ignorance sooner. Ignorance should not be understood as something bad, something to be ashamed of. Ignorance is only a temporary illusion, appearing in the mind. The teachings of the sages are meant to discourage this image.

(*2) When I say there is no rule how, some go to Baghdad and learn there, some stay at home and learn on the prayer rug, some realize it while dying, some while living, some are influenced by the teachings of a wise person, some try to reach what they think is God, but in essence it is realizing that there is nothing but the essence and all the mental noise disappears, in essence they all have to converge on the same point. In essence the rule is the same. As I learned conceptually from Ramana Maharshi, it is to be That, to be nothing else. I am becoming other things yet, so my troubles are not over. But I am writing this article, and having troubles does not prevent me from writing.

(*1) The one who wants to find himself can somehow do it, but the one who actually wants to find himself can never do it. Because the duality of the wanting and the wanted self has to finally disappear. I say finally, because this distinction itself is what is already covering the self-awareness imaginatively, and if it has not disappeared, then there has not been full awakening. The I AM (UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS) is always there, whether the duality covers it or not. Someone in ignorance will want to find themselves first of course, that’s why I said that whoever wants to can do it somehow, but ‘eventually’ the point will be reached where all desire ends. Eventually… but actually the end can only be now. As long as you continue to exist as a point in the future, awakening is postponed. It has to be now. It has to be decisively now. Before it is postponed.

Update Note: The dark perspective with the 360-degree view that I experienced was a very brief experience. I don’t see it on the level of the sudden awakening that Ramana Maharshi had. His awakening was permanent… mine resulted in a realization, a gain of insight, a growth of my understanding. I was at the very beginning of purification, I think Ramana Maharshi had already completed most of his work in his past lives. I understand from what I have read that he had a very deep and sharp awakening at a young age, and it lasted throughout his life. So, although I can recognize the state of awareness, I need to go through a process of purification. After discovering the awareness of this, I continue the purification process by focusing on the energy of love. In the next article I will share some of my experiences and comments about this.

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