Two Steps Forward, One Step Back and It’s All OK.

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Article (Translated From Turkish)

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I am writing this article at a very late hour, I read an article about Instagram, I am inspired by it. In the article, it was an article about how the poses people give on Instagram do not reflect the truth, that people usually give images in the most beautiful lighting and position, and that we should not compare these images with our own comfortable state and be unhappy. A young girl took two pictures of herself in her natural and contracted state and shared this message.

I would like to talk about a similar issue: the fact that experiencing emotions that can be considered negative in society is relatively taboo and people feel the need to hide these emotions.

People don’t really want to share their ‘dark’ sides or their egoistic states with others… Or they want to share them to a certain extent with those very close to them. The level of this varies from person to person. Some people are very private and some people are very open.

What I want to express is the fact that in recent years, while I have been busy trying to get out of the role that society has assigned to me, I have been confronted with many deep-lying emotions and states… and while I was experiencing these feelings very intensely at times, I realized how much I was judging myself, and that I went through a process that included the opportunity to accept and understand these feelings over time.

Especially meditation, the practice of staying in a state of awareness and focusing on the Spiritual Heart or the breath as I practice it… is a practice that charges people with spiritual energy, as this energy flows in… we can call it love energy… it brings the parts that are hidden inside, the traumas, to the surface in time, brings them to our awareness, brings them to our attention. When this happens, if we stay in the state of awareness, we can move into acceptance, and we learn the lessons we need to learn.

The dark parts of our mind start to lighten up, like an expanding ball of light, from our heart, our body and mind start to fill with light and love.

The point I want to emphasize here is that while this is happening, it is possible that we may experience intense emotions, because many of us harbor many traumas from our past inside us, in our subconscious. When we start to be filled with the energy of love, spiritual energy, these trauma-related energies are released. Here we learn to move from resisting or suppressing these energies to maturity and acceptance.

So we may be bouncing along the bottom, as some people call it, but what we are really doing is clearing the garbage out of our consciousness. This step cannot be skipped. It’s a step of purification. Are we dirty now?

In a way yes… but not in a bad way… like a child playing in the mud… as souls we will get dirty as we learn to play. Our soul is learning to be creative, learning to reach its potential as the image of God… of course there will be mistakes… but every mistake is a step forward.

It may seem like two steps forward and one step back… because when we encounter points of resistance it can feel like we are regressing or back to square one. But there is actually a forward movement here again, depending on our sincerity, our courage to confront, that is, our ability to fill ourselves with unconditional love, to accept, to show the will in this direction and to continue patiently. (I am not talking about tormenting ourselves at all, I am talking about developing under the guidance of our heart)

What happens to us may seem unexpected, but we are given a line in line with our sincere intentions. You intend to do what is right and good, but then you are faced with great trials. The line is given according to the intention, and when we pass those tests, our intention is true and we experience the truth much more strongly, but we may not realize that this is the line when we are going through those tests and struggling.

Fuck Instagram, Facebook and people’s masks. Take care of yourself, make an effort to be honest. As you get to know yourself, the masks of others come down for you. Of course, it is always possible to be deceived, to be deceived, but that is only because of our immaturity, and because we have not yet come to the truth. Even if we are deceived, it is a lesson, a gift to educate us.

I’m very tired and it’s late, but I wanted to share this article. Whatever difficulties and intense emotions you are going through, know that there is a wisdom that transcends those difficulties. Find the truth within yourself, be true. Intentions are rewarded by the Creator.

Love&Best Regards

Final Note: It may sound like Two Steps Forward, One Step Back, but it is always forward. Knowledge increases no matter what. But there is also a difference between cynicism and purification. Cultivation is gathering knowledge by persisting in error, while purification is taking a step towards the truth without repeating mistakes too much. I wrote this article to help us not to be discouraged by the difficulties during purification and to support us in difficult times.

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