How do I make myself a good person?

by | Mar 18, 2017 | Question & Answer

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Everyone have shades of white, black and grey in them. How to be more of a white minded person (nothing to do with racism or skin colour here)

When you believe you are not good enough and start on top of this belief to make your self good, you are bound to go on a trip and again return to this belief.

Just realizing this can be a huge step towards feeling good about yourself. The reason is, we have unconditional love within ourselves and when we can’t feel this love, we yearn for it, and when we feel this love, we begin to get more and more fulfilled. When we are believing we are not good enough, this is another version of believing that we don’t deserve unconditional love the way we are, we need some improvement to deserve this. But to really grow as a person we need unconditional love, and the space (peace) that it gives us (creates in our minds) to be able to look at ourselves and see ourselves as we are. Seeing ourselves as we are increases our wisdom, loving ourselves as we are fills us with love, and then this love starts to pour out from us to benefit others.

When you believe you are not good enough, you withhold love from yourself and stunt your growth. Your mind stays in struggle to prove its worth, and goes out to seek in the world. But what it seeks can never be found in the world. It is innate. Within your heart.

So, love yourself unconditionally, in doing this you will be able to become aware of and let go of beliefs that say you are not good enough. And then.. goodness will dawn upon you, you will more and more realize that you have always been perfect, only your doubts within your mind were distorting this view of perfection. Remember, goodness is innate, it is not acquired by improving upon yourself, but by realizing your true nature/letting go of conditioning that covers over this experience, this truth. Focus on this truth moment to moment and the experience of goodness will arise on its own accord. While letting go of conditioning that covers over this experience, sometimes there will be inner resistance. Accept everything that arises with unconditional love. This will be a challenge throughout your life, sometimes intense, because we are heavily conditioned to judge ourselves. But staying focused on the unconditional love will always show you that these judgments are only temporary illusions we have come to believe.

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