How can I deal with someone’s statement?

by | Mar 18, 2017 | Question & Answer

It is human to feel triggered from time to time by statements by other people. Be aware of how you are feeling, do your best to stay in the present moment with awareness. Everything is interacting with everything else, this can’t be prevented. But we can learn to stay peace while life is happening. The more we learn to accept ourselves as we are, the more we can accept other people as they are. When we are resisting the way things already are, we are spending our energy on this resistance. When we learn to accept things as they are by living with an unconditional love focus, aware, in the moment as best as we can, we are learning to deal with life (including what people communicate to us) as well. This will introduce to us to everything that is human as our life opens up. We come to this world to experience what being a human is. If we try to stay in a small part of the human experience, the rest of the life will seem fearful to us, but if we allow ourselves to expand by embracing life as it comes, more and more of life will be integrated within our experience and we will learn to live harmoniously with it. One can never escape life and themselves forever, sooner or later what you escape from will find you. So, facing it courageously as best as we can as it comes up is the best way to deal with it.

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