Riker Lets Go of Something

by | Feb 21, 2017 | Blog Post

I thought it would be good to share a some insights I expressed while chatting with a friend. The excerpt contains some insights about peace, happiness and the desire for money, approval and fame,

Me:  Riker lets go of something;
Me: Feel like Riker.. must let go of something. to get to the next step. but to do that i must get established deeper within myself.
Friend: Very good!
Friend: And haha I enjoy using TNG to illustrate impt moments 🙂
Me: hahaa
Me: was just randomly watching videos..
Me: 🙂
Friend: That’s funny 🙂
Me: i know something that would really revolutionize a person’s life
Me: but to live it is like totally breaking free
Me: internally
Me: i am at this point where i can start to teach it to people
Me: but to be able to do that i must really go for it
Friend: I agree you are doing amazing things
Friend: And are well beyond ready to share 😉
Me: there is this doubt that.. i still have some slacking habits
Me: mmm.. the doubt is how could i help people if i were sometimes slacking around
Me: but.. i could be in fact HAPPY slacking around
Me: isn’t the point peace and happiness?
Me: you know.. this doubt that these people who are in business or other areas
Me: how could i help them from this relaxed environment
Me: the thought that i should be working hard like them
Me: but..
Me: the reality is.. peace and happiness are the greatest experiences
Me: what is the point of working hard if you are not happy
Me: so it was like i was holding myself back because i was trying to prove something to myself
Me: which brings an endless loop
Me: because you can never prove it.
Me: you just be it, be in transcendence
Me: it is it’s own proof
Me: its
Me: and the doubts about money
Me: to go out and try to earn my due
Me: the idea that i should go out and prove myself and earn my due
Me: these are linked
Me: these make one the slave of money and approval
Me: if one is happy and peaceful one does not have to get approval from anyone
Me: and one is content with their current experience
Me: so no need to chase after money
Me: no need for approval or fame
Me: even no need to chase after experiences
Me: they will come anyway
Me: and one will be peaceful and happy whatever comes
Me: and as one progresses
Me: more happiness, greater wisdom
Me: deeper peace
Me: and experiences fused with these inner states
Me: everything will be satisfied

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