The Story of The ACC Civilization

by | Feb 11, 2017 | Article (Translated From Turkish)

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“Your awareness in the moment of crisis,” said Merud, “is what really determines your inner experience… or your awareness when all seems well.”

Merud was teaching one of the groups rescued from Earth. He looked 70, but he was 224 years old. He was one of the first settlers to remember and speak the Earth language properly.

The Earth group radiated a tense energy, they looked calm on the outside, but you could sense that something very serious had happened on Earth and they bore the scars of it. Merud was in charge of helping to prepare this young group for the culture of the ACC.

“Our first settlement on Mars was spurred by the efforts of a visionary looking for an alternative to Earth. While the 3600 people who were sent to Mars in journeys spanning decades were attempting to raise an alternative techno-civilization there, the Great War broke out on Earth. As a result of a long-standing failure to consciously manage accumulated energy, humanity began to learn some core lessons in blood and fire. In space, as a result of mutual attacks by nations on satellites and stations, and a chain reaction of collisions with millions of tiny orbital mines sent by the disadvantaged in the war, Earth’s orbit became contaminated with space junk that would be unusable for centuries. And Earth’s transportation link with the Martian colony was severed.”

Merud surveyed the students in the class. These young men in their twenties and thirties had spent their entire lives struggling to survive on a nuclear-polluted planet. As efforts to clean up the orbit began to bear fruit, small numbers of the human population began to be rescued in groups from the dying Earth. When the Mars Colony discovered that the newly discovered planet Alpha Centauri C in the Alpha Centauri System was suitable for life, it put all its efforts into moving there. Now, 120 years after arriving at ACC, Earth could now be helped. But the Earth was dying… because there had been massive nuclear explosions during the war, and this had started an irreversible cycle in the ecosystem for human life. What could be done for now was to rescue what could be saved from the people who had retreated into their shells, from the animals and other species that were still barely surviving.

Merud’s task was to work on transferring the ACC’s new awareness to the groups of people rescued from Earth.

After summarizing a bit more of the history, Merud continued: “When we first came to the ACC, we came with an awareness of the mistakes we had made on Earth. There is only one thing that we have taken as a basis since the earliest days of our civilization here.”

The students witnessed Merud’s silence. There was a long silence, and some students were fidgeting impatiently. But they too had heard what the ACC was like and they were becoming more and more aware of what Merud was doing. A peace and quiet filled the classroom. The tense energy radiating from the students began to calm down.

Merud continued. “That’s what we haven’t woken up to yet… we’ve all been trying to shape the world in our own way… but we haven’t woken up enough. I know you have many thoughts in your minds right now, but that doesn’t stop you from understanding me. First become aware… and let everything happen inside you. You are not them.. You are Awareness.. “

Of the first group of 100 who arrived at the ACC, only 15 survived. These 15 were the most resilient and hardy. They survived until they were able to establish their life support systems and build up their food supply. Those who died died mostly from food shortages and disruptions during the ACC’s unexpected temperature changes and winds. There were also some whose cause of death was unclear. The 15 survivors managed to turn ACC into a place where future colonists from the colony on Mars could live. Using robotics, they began to utilize the planet’s resources, built many robots and new places to live, increased food production and stockpiles, and automated energy production. The energy they received from Alpha Centauri’s double stars was able to meet all the needs of the civilization. With the help of chemical process robots, they began to make the planet’s atmosphere more suitable for humans.

ACC began to develop on solid foundations. People were aware of their real existence. Cooperation and acting together was natural because the ignorance on which selfishness was based had largely disappeared. People were aware of the connection with their essence. Even though World Civilization was devastated in the Great War, the spiritual development of humanity had accelerated and a group of survivors had now been formed who were able to spread and internalize this knowledge throughout their lives. Many of these 15 people were such people and they trained all the settlers from Mars. In the 120 years that followed, a civilization of 13 million people was formed in the ACC.

Merud said: “When the second group came to the ACC, first there was an imbalance. The accommodation was ready, the food was ready, the energy was ready. But those who arrived were not quite ready. Many of them went through a serious existential crisis. But this was to be expected, and those who were aware of this trained them. By the time the second group advanced their development, the foundations of the ACC civilization were firmly in place. There were even those who committed suicide or killed each other, even though they had everything to survive. They were caught up in subconscious beliefs that they did not deserve happiness, and they resisted their happiness. But with the support of others, the vast majority overcame this. Because after all their hard work, they were now at a level where they could understand it and find it within themselves. The difficulty they experienced was the process of illumination of the dark spots in the consciousness of humanity that they carried from their past. The outbreak of the war on Earth was part of this process.

“So what happens now?” said a dark-haired youth, distinguishable among the other students by the vividness in his eyes. Merud pressed the button on the remote control in his hand and the outer hatch protecting the large glass window of the dome classroom opened upwards. The students looked out over ACC Hub City. Small and large cubic and hemispherical buildings, mostly built by robots, were connected by circular roads that could be seen as rings expanding from the inside out, and the black and purple reflections of the interspersed star panel fields were visible from the Hub Training Center at the high altitude where they were located. All the roads converged at the center of the ACC Hub in tall buildings whose architecture was more varied.

“This is what is happening now,” Merud said. Peace and joy of life were expressed in Merud’s whole being. “What you see here is only a temporary image… whatever you feel inside you will be your contribution to this place… Wake up to it… what is meant to be, is meant to be… and has been so far. Both wars and peace… humanity has learned the lessons it needs to learn. We know ourselves much better now. We look back on our past with gratitude. And we have no fear of our future. Because we know that everything is happening within us the way we really want it to happen, whatever the will of the whole is, and we are that. All we are doing is becoming more and more aware of this, nothing else. Once we are in the state of awareness, everything continues to take shape within us as a whole, and we walk into our future as a civilization with a deepening state of bliss and increasing wisdom. Now we are taking you in, we have always been together, but now we will live together in this world. Our civilization is not just this orderly city. We have discovered so much in the inner realms as well. What you see is only the physical part. In your life ahead of you, you can explore it as it comes from within you. There are many of us who have volunteered to guide you. We love you unconditionally and we have brought you here with your consent so that we can share this energy with you.”

Max lifted the lid of the virtual reality capsule in which he was sitting in a comfortable position. He looked at his phone, the date was March 17, 2038. The simulation was interesting and beautiful. He felt like he was in that classroom, almost convinced it was completely real. But when he reached the end of the simulation, the warning on the screen reminded him to return to the real world. For a moment, Max considered the chances of humanity walking into such a future unlikely. It was just a scenario that envisioned one of the possibilities. Whether humanity would continue its life on a distant planet or continue to evolve for many centuries on this earth and in the solar system… it didn’t matter which… What mattered was the truth at the core of it all. When people found it, their lives became paradise. whether the world was destroyed or not.

A small hut in the field, more or less enough provisions for his own needs, a few animals… and a village of such houses. Of course he could live in a place like that. Or the orderly, robot-supported city on the planet ACC. It was possible to make both realities go to hell, to fill them with suffering, to destroy human life in them, or to make them crawl. Whether it was a village or a high-tech city, if the people in them were ignorant, it was mathematically predictable or expected that they would stir them up with their greed and fill them with suffering. But when a person acts with their essence, whether they start from a village or a village, whether the world around them is a village or a fantastic science fiction city, a civilization of people with this awareness will live in paradise.

The beginning of a new and healthy life should not be about trying to mold the world into the shape you want, but about discovering the happiness within yourself. Because happiness comes not from the shape of the world, but from experiencing the state at the core… the state that is independent of forms. Focusing on this state in the Now was the path that led to realizing this state with more and more serenity and depth, no matter which way the world went.

So why was there ignorance then? If there is learning, there has to be ignorance. For there to be life, for there to be discovery, for there to be a creation to explore, there must be the possibility of a journey from not knowing to knowing… That is why ignorance is also perfect… the mistakes we make… the wars, the suffering… if it is possible to transcend them all, they are also perfect… they contribute to the vast richness of creation. They have their place in the infinite possibilities.

Thinking about this, Max began to wonder if there would be a next version of the simulation.

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