What do you think about the future trend of people wanting to work and travel together, like a co-working space and a hostel?

by | Mar 18, 2017 | Question & Answer

Providing services from the Internet as a business or managing a business via mobile means is a rising trend as the people of the world is communicating more and more by using the Internet.

Travel is also getting easier as technology is getting more and more advanced. So travel is a rising trend too.

For some people a private personal space where they can use to focus on their online business would be very nice. (for private communication with clients, interviews etc)

For some a public room would serve OK.

A quality, uninterrupted Internet service will be very important for repeat customers because people won’t want their businesses interrupted by Internet failure.

Basic accommodation, healthy food options, hygiene, staff who love their job will attract similar people. Co-working location is a good idea for socialization. You can bring local talent and entrepreneurs together with foreign travel-work people by hosting some events, such as workshops, small concerts (without disturbing the work environment or on certain times so that people know beforehand). Social media presence to bring people together and building an online community based on friendship and sharing is very important.

Keep working on your facilities and services with genuine service (the good of your customers, the local community and yourselves all) as your priority, and you can build up a healthy environment with this intention.

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