What are some tips for becoming successful?

by | Mar 18, 2017 | Question & Answer

Realize the impermanence of life, that life is continuously changing, and no form is permanent or can be made permanent. Therefore, if you base your success to a permanence of form, sooner or later your failure is inevitable.

If one cultivates an acceptance of life moment to moment, by being accepting of whatever comes, embracing it with unconditional Love, one’s inner experience will be filled with deeper and deeper knowledge and awareness of this Love. This is deeply fulfilling, and even though everything is changing and impermanent, fulfillment will be there for the person. This is the path towards success, when matured, no change can shake it because it is deeply aware/mindful of impermanence/inevitable change in forms, and fulfillment is achieved because one is full of Love. One can even be sad but still feel this success..

To get here start by living life with awareness. Life will keep sending you what you need, keep remembering to cooperate with it, to trust it, to treat it as your friend. Eventually a sense of oneness will be developing with life, based on actual discovery through experience.

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