How do I become personable?

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Question & Answer

I googled personable to have a starting context for this answer:

“personable: (of a person) having a pleasant appearance and manner.”

There are two ways that come to my mind:

Actors can impersonate any person.. so learning acting you can act a personable persona. You can change your appearance to look pleasant according to other people’s preferences.. (changes from person to person.. so one person can find you pleasant and another unpleasant.. but there are some common aspects in every society that may be generally accepted as pleasant.. you can aim for these.. and manners also.. what are the manners in your society considered to be most pleasant? develop these in yourself..)

Would that make you happy?

Another approach is to just be yourself naturally and live from your inner knowing. This way, you will be developing your happiness and peace in your experience. and these are core experiences everyone seeks.. so when you interact with people.. you will be embodying qualities that they seek deep inside.. and when people are mature enough to seek beyond appearances and manners.. they will value your peace and happiness.. and your company will be valuable to them. you will be a different kind of personable.. if they are not mature enough.. they may just dismiss you by looking at your appearance or manners.. and miss the underlying peace and happiness in you.. but still.. at least you will have had a fleeting presence in their experience.. maybe one day they will remember you and the possibility of peace and happiness that you showed to them.

when you truly express yourself in tune with your heart.. you will emanate a genuine energy.. if it is not in your heart to be a certain way.. many people will sense the fakeness if you try to go that way.. so it is your choice.. will you be true and see how personable you are becoming? or will you be acting personable but not honoring your truth meanwhile? and perhaps you truly want to experiment on acting personable, then this is being true to yourself.. and you can go for it and it will be genuine!

Hope this helps 🙂

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