Can you give me a timetable for 24 hours? How can I manage my work, eat, and sleeping?

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Question & Answer

It doesn’t matter what timetable I give you. It will anyway happen in the way you create it from within yourself. It is happening the way it is happening right now because you are creating it from within this way.

Remember any time where you tried to implement an idea that did not truly resonate with what you knew from within. It didn’t come to fruition, did it?

I can just point out this: Either you live consciously or you live unconsciously. The more consciously you live, the more you will get closer to the experience that things are going your way. The less consciously you live, you will see that what you plan/what you think you will do is not happening.

You can become a better and better manager of your life the more consciously you live your life, the more you stay aware in this moment with life, as life. Notice that the sentence ends with ‘as life’. The reason for this is, if we are truly aware in this moment, we become one with life in our experience, because indeed we are life itself. When you are experiencing life as yourself, then you will see that things are already going your way, because life is as it is, and you are life.

To be conscious is to stop arguing with life, to stop calculating a separate plan of your own while closing your eyes to life, it is to open your awareness to your oneness with it. If there is a plan that is sure to work, it is the plan that you make sure you are living more and more consciously, more and more moments with consciousness, with presence, with the goal of being 100 percent conscious. Nothing can take this power away from you, because there is nothing other than life and you will be awakening to it.

If your goal is to be 10 percent conscious, you are making almost 100 percent sure that 90 percent of the time you will fail, because how can a marksman who is shooting blindly and deaf hope to hit a mark that is constantly in motion, constantly in change. That mark is life, and the only way to not to miss it is to be fully involved with it, all the time, not as a separate entity, but in surrender, in awareness of your oneness with it. That is why the plan to become 100 percent awake/conscious is the best plan.

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