Why does “achievement” in meditation is to not have thoughts? Aren’t thoughts just another discrimination like any other perception within the field of awareness?

by | Nov 24, 2019 | Question & Answer

I think the idea is to have them when only you choose to have them, not as an automatic process and otherwise have a completely peaceful mind.

You can check this one out for more information: Mind Mastery: Why Do We Have Thoughts?

Follow-up Question: Is it not possible to have thoughts and still remain at ease?

Answer: It is possible. Through the practice of meditation, we learn to stay as the awareness that is the container of all experiences. Specific meditation practices teach effectively to recognize ourselves as this awareness and stay as this awareness while also creating greater inner peace. When we have greater inner peace, we are at greater ease. Thoughts may still arise but we will be much more centered when we are consciously maintaining meditativeness throughout the day. When we are truly centered and in presence, thoughts are not like an external entity that is disturbing us. I can peacefully write answers in Quora for example, but I don’t notice thoughts arising, or notice a disturbance in my mind. Only when I lose my centeredness the thoughts can create disturbance for me. These two articles give accurate/concise info related to the basics of meditation and also on 4 main types of meditation that you can practice for this purpose. I initially recommend Breath Awareness or Spiritual Heart Meditations, until you can recognize the Awareness. If your mind is too active, try the sub article about difficulties during meditation and first practice techniques given there. 1) What is meditation? How to practice meditation. , 2) Types of Higher Self Meditation Practices. For better understanding the knowledge behind these, you can also start with this article and watch some more videos before you come to these meditation articles: New to Higher Self Teachings? Start here.. These are all from an enlightened teacher. The basic idea is to practice until you know experientially how to be in this state of clarity and peace and make the usage of your mind a conscious process so that it doesn’t cause suffering for you.

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