Do you believe there is a correlation between the number of books a person has read and their creative writing abilities?

by | Dec 8, 2019 | Question & Answer

I feel there is the slightest correlation between the number of books and a person’s creative writing abilities. The real increase of creative writing ability is related to how you are reading the books and how you are living your life. It is related to your state of beingHow intent-fully are you living your life, how consciously are you living your life?

There is the slightest correlation between the number of books and a person’s creative writing abilities because if evolution is not happening as a conscious process, (by observation of nature we can deduce that) it will take millions of years to culminate to anything significant. Likewise, if we are not living our lives consciously, it will take many many lifetimes of reading books or having other experiences of objects to actually uncover our creative potential. This is because we actually need to uncover it with our consciousness for creative abilities to be realized. If consciousness is not expanding into the objects or within the human system by its own choice, the speed of evolution of the system to a degree depends on the intensity of the external energies also. I mean, if you are living in a highly evolved society, but you are not bringing the consciousness into your human system, this society can train you to a certain extent but you will still be at the lowest possible intelligence levels for that environment.

When we are bringing the consciousness into our human system, then every book is selected consciously and read consciously. (ideally, as consciously as possible). Every experience will be a learning experience when lived as consciously as possible. A rapid evolution will take place for such a human being.

With this approach, especially in this age, we can self educate and uncover more and more of our creative potential. We are all pure genius in our core, no exceptions. How much this is realized, and how much we transform the world with this realization is up to our own choices in every moment. The energies of the world are very supportive right now, because much energy has already been invested in our evolution and it has gained great speed already.

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