Is answering questions an intrinsic motivation for writing?

by | Dec 8, 2019 | Question & Answer

Interesting question. I don’t remember writing the term ‘interesting question’ lately.

For me, answering questions in Quora is a meeting of Love with form. I work to answer each question from a place of Love.

I don’t answer all questions, because I am not a question answerer. Basically, I read a question and if I feel I can bring Love into the situation by answering the question, I do.

Almost the entire time, if I began answering a question, I finish answering it, not necessarily in a single sitting, but I finish it. There has been a small number of exceptions as far as I can remember, when I decided not to finish answering. So, I guess, when I get the flow going, it is just a matter of staying focused, and somehow it is not hard for me once I get going.

The question here becomes an excuse to bring the Love into the world. It is just an entry point. How do I choose this entry point? I am unable to answer this question logically. I guess that is why I said in the beginning that creating answers to questions is a meeting of Love with form.

Since I don’t answer all questions, I can’t say that answering questions itself is the intrinsic motivation. Rather, Love chooses to be this way. Love itself is the motivation. That is why some questions are answered by me, and some by others, and some questions were not meant as questions and they get deleted.

Life itself is intelligent and transforms within itself, as itself. To know intrinsic motivation, we must realize our oneness with Life. Instead of seeking motivation in separate objects, we can feel our unity with life, and as this happens, we experience what the intrinsic motivation of life is, in a natural way.

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