How can someone kickstart their writing productivity?

by | Dec 8, 2019 | Question & Answer

Live your life with awareness in every moment as best as you can. The more you be this way, the more you will gain clarity about life. When you can clearly see the world, the state of human beings and what is being needed, at times you can be naturally inclined to write to fulfill some of these needs. You are a creative being. Writing can be done creatively, and this is where the real value is being brought, this is where real productivity happens. Otherwise, one can write endlessly, repeating past ideas, and one will produce a lot of text, but in their heart they won’t feel productive.

So basically, you start with trusting your own awareness. You start to live the moment with awareness. You gain knowledge directly. Life is constantly changing, so when you gain knowledge directly, what you produce as an expression of this knowledge will be unique as well, and you will be definitely productive. You will be bringing the knowledge you acquired to people through writing. To be productive in acquiring the knowledge, life must be lived with awareness. This is the path of awareness. The path of awareness is the all encompassing path that can contain and unify all other paths:

One path is the path of emotion. As an example, poets and some mystics create works this way. Live your life joyfully, exuberantly and express in writing. The more intensely you live, the more productive you are. Balance is the challenge here. With the strength of your consciousness you must learn to maintain balance at higher and higher intensities. I haven’t expanded into this path fully yet. I am much more experienced with the paths of awareness and intellect.

Another path is the path of the intellect. Simply use your mind with a sincere effort and it will develop. Many philosophers, scientists, engineers are more into this path. This path can open the gates of the other paths and support them.

Another path is mastering your inner energies. These energies are deeper than the intellect and emotion. This is the path where Indian masters have excelled in, less known in the Western cultures. This path is a powerful path, and can dramatically accelerate all other paths. I am consciously walking this path as well.

And another path is pure physical action. Mmmmm… One thing that comes as a utilization of this path now to me is the art of calligraphy. You use your body with sincerety and you evolve as a result. You be productive this way. Becoming an action man who serves the highest good of all can give you a huge amount of experience base to draw on while writing. And you can write physically beautifully, too.

If you combine these four paths of emotion, intellect, inner energies and pure physical action by walking the path of awareness, then you will become a full fledged human being, going to peaks and more peaks of productivity.

So, basically, live life to the fullest in every moment possible. Make it a point to not miss it and productivity will come flooding in. Be mindful of balance, you must take into consideration every single action you take to be able to keep embodying the increasing energies. Awareness is essential to keep learning how to maintain this balance.

You can also examine my other answers in Quora and my writings in my website to see an example of evolution and also references to great resources in my path of learning and sharing what knowledge I have acquired with an intent to help us all grow. You can see how walking consciously has helped me evolve into a more capable and productive writer.

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