Meditation isn’t helping me pick a university course. What should I do?

by | Dec 8, 2019 | Question & Answer

Suppose that you will buy a car tomorrow, and you don’t know much about cars. If you get up and meditate in the morning, you will have more clarity in your mind. but you still won’t know much about cars. You will perhaps need to go to a car gallery to browse them and see which one you like, hmm? With a clearer mind, and a meditative approach, you can better appreciate the cars in the gallery and how you feel from within about the situation. Then, you can naturally make your decision for whether to buy or not and which car to buy or browse somewhere else, etc.

I am suggesting this approach for a basic level meditator, who lives as a contemporary human being, who doesn’t yet have expanded awareness for gaining insights about things remotely, or receiving similar Higher Self guidance for a decision due to being in high levels of surrender and working with the Higher Self for a specific purpose. This approach assumes, you meditate to bring more peace to your mind, and become more meditative, meaning you live more in awareness that day supported by your having strengthened your peace with your meditation practice in the morning.

I also would like to point out that intuitively I feel that if we meditate deep enough, we can access all knowledge in the universe just where we are sitting at. But we must have a very pure reason for this to open up, it can’t open up to a selfish person who potentially can harm himself and others with this knowledge. Life won’t hurt itself because it is divinely intelligent. Only if we truly aim for realization of our oneness with life and serve its highest good that the highest knowledge will be available. Think of it like this: You don’t want to ride a racing bike before you learn the controls in a practical way, otherwise it is virtually guaranteed that sooner or later you will hurt yourself badly, so you don’t give yourself the permission to do that.

So, meditate with sincere intentions, and you will become more and more wiser, have more and more clarity, be able to go through more intense challenges because you will find more strength to overcome them. Be really concentrated and devoted during your practice (to the best of your ability) and this way your meditation will be much more effective. And stay true to your practice to the best of your ability. When you are ready to make a decision, you can. When you are not, you need to expand your awareness into life more to gain the knowledge and capability to be ready to make a decision.

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