How do I motivate a teen to learn to drive?

by | Sep 28, 2019 | Question & Answer

Connect with your heart and live from here. Then whatever you do, it will touch the heart of the teen. And if it is their heart’s desire to learn to drive, then they would be supported by your actions towards this. This is the path of the heart. When they will actually begin is not up to you. And if you are connected with your heart, it won’t matter to you anyway. You will be feeling respectful towards their free-will. Driving is not a must you know.. The best thing is to truly awaken to our free will and live from here with joy. Then whatever we do or don’t do will create happiness for us with our own energy.

Many a human being have wasted years/lives doing things that are not aligned with their heart’s desire, just because of their ignorance of living with the thoughts acquired from others, living disconnected from their hearts. Sooner or later we realize this, as we look at life. The more we look with sincerety, honesty, awareness the more quickly we realize.

Of course you could try to manipulate them towards it. But it will only create unhappiness. You can manage to manipulate (ignorant that you are even trying to do this), and a person can be manipulated for life if they aren’t giving the effort to awaken, if they haven’t yet awakened to their own heart’s guidance. But it will be a sure path to create misery for that long time.

We all are awakening to this truth, to our innate intelligence, to our perfect inner knowing that is one with all life. Trust your heart, keep trusting and your mind will open to new possibilities, new experiences will arise in your life.

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