How does one dissolve ones chakras completely and permanently? This would eliminate the constant trouble of have to try to clear them and balance them and open them and close them and clean them and worse having pay someone else to do it for you.

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What about your physical body? Don’t you need to consciously care for it? Only when you die, you don’t need to do anything about it any more.

Your chakras are your responsibility, too. They are emotional organs. You don’t dissolve them, they are part of the human system. You take responsibility, you expand your awareness into them to master their process. Just like you take responsibility for your own physical body and master your health.

Can a person who ignorantly lives their lives be physically healthy in today’s society where all kinds of mental/emotional/physical toxins are easily available by culture? Can you be physically healthy if you eat whatever comes into your way or if you don’t know how to move your body without hurting it?

Similarly can you be emotionally healthy if you don’t know how to stay focused on healthy energies and maintain an inner peace and if you keep absorbing whatever energies come into your way into your emotions without discernment? Can you stay emotionally healthy if you don’t learn how not to create unhealthy emotions subconsciously and continue creating them? What if you already inherited many unhealthy tendencies from society, which is a common experience in today’s world? Aren’t you responsible to learn how to work with that?

Avoid charlatans, and go for the real masters. They won’t clear your chakras. They will teach you how to awaken, how to live your life responsibly.

Even to build or put together the simplest things, you need some levels of knowledge. One who is ignorant can’t even build a chair. Yet, some humans or human teams are able to create sophisticated devices like smart phones, electric cars, reusable rocket boosters. How can they do this? Because they have the knowledge, they have the technology, they have the practical engineering expertise. They have the materials. They combine all of these to create those devices.

Likewise, there is a knowledge of the chakras, there are techniques to become aware of them, to work with them. There are actual experts on them. And you need the material/you need your human system, and the practical knowledge of working with this system, guided by this knowledge and expertise. During this and after this, it is always your responsibility. Just like the fact that by only reading books you can’t build a smart phone, you can listen all kinds of teachings about chakras, and not know anything actual about them except for ideas. The teachers/teachings that will lead you to mastery are those who teach you to expand your awareness into your own system, into the chakras and gain the first hand knowledge of what they are.

And just like having a physically healthy body and being able to use this body in healthy ways requires a good amount of practical knowledge and moment to moment responsibility in today’s world, having a healthy emotional body and being able to consciously live our emotional lives requires a good amount of practical knowledge and and moment to moment responsibility, too. It is not trivial. Living is not trivial. It is only trivial for dead people. But life can be a joy for one who rises up to the challenge to truly live. Higher states of joy can only be consciously experienced by those who make it a point to not avoid life in any way.

Check out some works on chakras from a real master below. The overwhelming majority of his works are freely available.

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