Why do employers keep on focusing on my last job and experience when I have gone out from a stagnant, depressing, toxic job and had been working very hard during the past year striving to gain ground and change in it?

by | Nov 26, 2019 | Question & Answer

This means those you have met with are focusing on the past for their decisions. (read on for supportive elaboration)

Are you going to focus on these employers’ decisions or are you going to keep focusing on the new direction you have set for your life? Accept them as they are and keep transforming into the person you truly desire to be. If nobody hires you, you create the value by yourself and setup your own business (or stand on your own feet without even a business). If somebody hires you, great!, then you work together. You don’t have to tie your happiness to anybody’s decision. You can be happy just as you are. You have the power to create value. You are the source of value as your true self. Keep discovering this within yourself and keep letting go of anything that casts doubt on this.

I would go so far as to say, your experience with these employers are a mirror of the doubt you hold within yourself. The quicker you wholeheartedly trust yourself, the quicker you will create a reality where all who doubt your being will be revealed to be out of touch with truth. You will simply see that they are not important factors for your happiness any more. The power for creating your experience is 100 percent within you, not meaning you have the power to conquer life, but meaning you can potentially experience yourself with such oneness with life that you can travel into any possibility within it with masterful ease. And life, ultimately, consists of unlimited possibilities. Keep trusting yourself, keep evolving as a person, and you will increasingly manifest as a confident being, not as ignorantly confident, but confident because of having evolved through genuine self trust. Those who are not in denial will be able to notice this.

Add-on: To really understand how employer mindset works, taking responsibility for the direction of your life and having the attitude of being your own boss can help. When we start as employees, there is usually a feeling of trying to have yourself accepted, approved by a higher authority. This is because we haven’t grown within ourselves to feel as the authority of our lives ourselves. To evolve, even if you are looking for a job, look with an attitude that you have your own business, look as if you are an entrepreneur that can any time lose everything they have. The true spirit of an entrepreneur is to take steps as if they can lose everything in an instant and have the inner strength/fearlessness/confidence to know that they will still be able to rise up even if they lose everything they have. Why do you need to be like this? Because in life, you need to be like a cat in wilderness. You need to be alert yet relaxed. You are a human being. You have magnificent capabilities. But these capabilities require alertness, they require a sense of responsibility to be unlocked and used. Otherwise, if you let go of this responsibility when you have assumed greater power to affect lives, it will be a disaster for everybody. Employers are at a position of greater power but many have their shortcomings in terms of assuming responsibility. They have their fears. They don’t want to make mistakes, they want employees with a track record as if that can ensure success. But the real deal leaders, they will be fearless. If you want to work with real deal leaders, you work on being a real deal leader yourself. Decide: Do you want your happiness to be always your responsibility, or do you want to live in fear that some employer can take this away from you? Do you want to be an independent lion from day one, which can live both alone and in a pack or do you want to be an unsure follower, constantly living in fear of the possibility to be discarded? Keep trusting your true self, and you can reach this understanding.

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