If I have no motivation to pursue anything, then do I have no career?

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Question & Answer

You can just live your life as you desire. Just do what comes from within you, from your heart. What if you have no career? Can you trust life enough that you can keep going having no career in the eyes of other people? What if you are experiencing your uniqueness because you fit no definition? You can do miscellaneous things that you see of value when they arise from within you. You can just be present when no desire arises. Who is the authority to judge you? Just be here, live the moment of not having any motivation whatsoever. If you are not to be free to have no motivation, can you call yourself to be free to do anything else? Accept yourself as you are. Accept life as it is. You will be happy. Survival won’t be a big problem if you use a little part of your brain. We are in 21th century.. You can be happy from within yourself, you don’t need to fulfill certain conditions to be happy. You can awaken to this if you trust life and just stay with it, stay as yourself. You are life.

The world needs people who can be courageous enough to be free and happy. What is the point of a career anyway (if you are not going to be happy or feel free)? You can survive without a ‘career’. But people are trying to be happy by pursuing a career. This is an absolute illusion. A career in their imaginations consisting of arbitrary conditions for their happiness. What a burden! You don’t need that to be happy. You can just be happy and do whatever you see fit for this world without asking anyone’s permission for honoring what you see as truth. What kind of a life would that be if we keep asking others’ permission for honoring the truth that we genuinely experience and actually shy away from it when we fear the disapproval or rejection (even without asking)?

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