Have you ever quit a job, without another lined up, for your mental health? How did it turn out?

by | Oct 27, 2019 | Question & Answer

Yes, I did. Eventually it turned out well. I quit because I valued life over money. Love over fear. My life opened towards more love and more liveliness. I am a more full fledged life now. Of course, to expand, we must go through the challenges. But life is about evolution, isn’t it? Without challenges, how could we evolve as creative beings? Without looking into how we are creating our reality, and without giving ourselves a reason to do so, can we be truly responsible? And can we be truly mentally healthy without being responsible? Mind, which is such a wonderful tool, when used irresponsibly, can create great suffering. And reverse is true also. We can become free of our suffering by living responsibly and learning how the mind works. Quitting a job can be a ‘letting go of something that no longer serves us process’ within the bigger picture. Be aware of your situation, and make sure that the reasons for quitting are coming from a place of alignment with your heart’s guidance and decide accordingly.

Don’t worry if you are suffering. We are here to learn about how reality works. And suffering can be a part of this experience until we learn how we are creating this suffering and stop and create a wonderful experience for ourselves.

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