If there was a God, could he or she override their own laws of physics to make supernatural things occur?

by | Sep 28, 2019 | Question & Answer

Intuitive answer: There are no fixed laws of physics. This is a collective dream where everything is collectively decided. When there are billions of conscious beings who collectively hold same parameters, that place within consciousness can be experienced say as a planet within a solar system/galaxy etc with corresponding rules. In essence, we are God. There are no supernatural things, because everything is possible, and natural is just what happens to be the common reality experienced by most (in a locality). Literally, everything can change, when it is collectively desired to be so. A conscious being can experience any reality within infinite possibilities as per their choices. When other conscious beings don’t share similar parameters, the former conscious being simply leaves their locality by focusing where it wants to focus. God and the laws are not separate, so there is no need to override. Simply chooses to create whatever is desired, including an appearing of miracles. It just appears to be a miracle because of those who behold it don’t understand the basics that everything is already possible, already exists as potentiality that can be seen if desired. They just believe that a base reality exists and everything not fitting it is supernatural, so to them that occurrence appears as a miracle.

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