How can I be sure if I’m pretty or not? All my friends say I’m pretty but I feel like they just say that not to break my heart.

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Question & Answer

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some people you will be pretty, and some will not find you pretty. This is entirely according to their conditioning.

Enlightened people see the perfection of life. For them, everything is perfect. For them, you are one with them, just like an apple or a tree. They won’t judge you according to their subconscious mind because they have already become free from this conditioning.

People who still live according to their subconscious mind will have different opinions of you.

So here, the important thing is, how you feel about yourself from deep inside. Can you see the perfection of everything including your own human self? Or do you believe your subconscious mind and get confused feelings about how pretty you are? It is natural to get confused because when you value thoughts you have gathered from outside over your own inner knowing, when these thoughts conflict and they are bound to conflict sooner or later, creation consists of every possibility, you will encounter them sooner or later, then you will be confused about how you feel about yourself.

How can you be sure about how you feel then? Live more from your heart and less from your thoughts. The more you do this, the more the thoughts will lose their power. Then your feelings also will start to become peaceful. You will start to see things as they are, and be able to feel the love more and more. This love will be enough for you to feel happy, enough for the subconscious conditioning to lose its power and for the mind to evolve to higher understanding of living consciously. Don’t be an enemy of your thoughts. They are just a happening. Just focus on your heart more. When you get pulled into your thoughts, bring your attention back to the love within you. Be present but direct your attention towards the pure love within, withdrawing it from the subconscious thought activity. This way you will be evolving your understanding to see the perfection of everything, including your own human self. Energy flows where the attention is placed, so the more you focus on your thoughts, the more empowered they will be and the more their momentum will be maintained, and they will create the emotions related to them. The more you focus on the pure love, the more you will realize it and the momentum of the thoughts you have gathered will gradually decrease and they will lose their power over you, this will in turn lead to you less and less affected by the thinking of others about how you feel about yourself.

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