I have complete mastery over the English language and am adept at reading human behavior and creating solutions for personal issues. Would pursuing a career as a motivational speaker be ideal for me?

by | Sep 28, 2019 | Question & Answer

There is a learning period where a person needs to learn to trust their inner knowing. Start somewhere trusting your experience. Be honest with yourself, see things as they are as you progress. If something comes from your heart, and you stay focused on your heart, sooner or later it will start to surface in your life, manifest in your life. If I told you it was ideal or not ideal for you, it wouldn’t work. Then you will miss the lesson. You yourself must awaken to your heart’s guidance. If guidance by another is not leading you to connecting with your heart and finding your own innate guidance, your own creativity, then it is not beneficial. See.. if you don’t get it yourself, then you will always be dependent on others to guide you. Trust your own experience, whatever skills you have, they will be enhanced when you connect more fully with your heart. Doubt will lessen and lessen.

You are more than your thoughts, more than your emotions and more than your body. We have a deeper intelligence that is different than hearing the thoughts in our forehead region. The following videos can educate you further on this. They are really touching the deepest truths. So, you decide whether to go into this or not, with your free will. The intention of this answer is to support you to awaken to your sovereign nature, so that you can decide best on your own, whether to choose the direction of becoming a motivational speaker or not.

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